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MIKE TYSON, the evolution in video games [1987 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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All the video games games in which MIKE TYSON has appeared since 1987


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  1. It's funny how 1987 mike looks more like Mike than the latest version. Lol I'm 37 and I stopped playing new systems after the Nintendo 64. I'm all bout that cartridge baby! Old school games are the best. At least that's what I like. 😂👊

  2. I wish in the New games they have earbite and rape combos for tyson

  3. We got UFC 3 UFC 2 UFC we ain’t got no good boxing games

  4. Wow….Power Punch II. I remember that game. I think I'm the one that bought the only copy they sold.

    If I remember correctly, his name was Mark Tyler in that one.

  5. Lol I Like How They Showed Mike Tyson In Fight Night 4 & Champion Knocking Out The Ones He Lost To Like Lennox & Evander

  6. Sorry but I've never ever seen Mike Tyson, in any other game but his own.

  7. Now I'm mad he is in ufc 2 and not 3 I only have 3

  8. nono en santa fe dale …
    claro & jajajajajajajajajaja.

  9. Wish they did the actual walkout sound for Tyson ring walk. Hearing music is so odd in the fight night champion game.

  10. You know your bad ass when you got a ton of video games just strictly about you.

  11. They really need a fight night game for the ps4 I don’t care it it’s an old one just put them on the ps4

  12. WWE 13 and UFC 2 Mike Tyson look nothing like him at all.

  13. Ironically, the best one is still the first one. Punch out!

  14. People always seem to go on and on about the later Fight Night games, but while graphically nice, the punches look light and weightless. There’s no “ouch” factor. Here, it looks like he’s just tapping Ali’s face. In real life, Mike wanted to take your head off!

    EDIT: Champion’s punches look and feel much better!

  15. I'm glad I never played Power punch back then, that game look trashy lol. The first ever game, Tyson punch out look and was good.

  16. Pretty sad when the first one ended up being the best one ….

  17. None of them looked like him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. The UFC one looks like 50 cent playing as Mike Tyson in a movie lol

  19. Me:*sees prime tyson getting knocked out*
    Also me: I M P O S S I B L E

  20. Looks more like Tyson in the 1987 pic than the 2018


  22. we desperately need another fight night game on ps4/ps5

  23. AHORA UNO DE ROBERTO DURAN "Manos de Piedra "

  24. I think the best is Fight Night Round 3. Streamed it last night. 👍

  25. They didnt scan his face for ufc he looks better in fight night champion

  26. The correct term is adaptation they have different meanings. Fyi

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