MUHAMMAD ALI, the evolution in video games [1992 - 2018] -

MUHAMMAD ALI, the evolution in video games [1992 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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All the video games games in which MUHAMMAD ALI has appeared since 1992.


➞ MIKE TYSON, the evolution in video games [1987 – 2018] :

➞ MICHAEL JORDAN, the evolution in Video Games [1988 – 2018] :

➞ KOBE BRYANT, the evolution in Video Games [1996 – 2018] :


  1. Fight night 2004 and fight night round 2 are my favorites

  2. I like ring kings 2002 and fight night round 4

  3. I like ring kings 2002 and fight night round 4

  4. ı love muhammad alİ because he is legend and muslim

  5. boxing got super dope when Fight Night came out but i still fucks with Knockout Kings.
    since 2K taking over sports gaming. why don't they maks 2K boxing. im tired of waiting on EA.

  6. Damn I had all these games. Muhammad Ali 🥊 had the first signature moves in a boxing game…like parries, weave into a cross , etc.

  7. Disliked for clickbait. This video ends at 2014.

  8. Knock out kings just look like some cheat shit. Lol

  9. Joe Boxer in WCW Vs NWO was the best version of Ali.

  10. Fight night round 3 was the best. EA ruined the series after that one.

  11. WHO else want a Boxing game for Ps4 and Xbox ? 😁

  12. I would love a new Fight Night game for my XBOX ONE 😔😔😔

  13. Not one game gets his footwork and boxing style right. In Fight Night Champion the patches made Ali real slow and sluggish.

  14. Lmao! At Ali break dancing in that shakedown 2 game

  15. If he ain't dancing in the ring, he's ain't ali.. make a character that has a light feet that constantly jumping.. now that's ali.

  16. when the fuck did ali learn how to do some capoeira moves?

  17. Can you make a Davante Adams through the years?

  18. I was fine with seeing the classics until Ali started breakdancing in the end 🤨

  19. Fight night champions is there best boxing game ever

  20. No video game has managed to capture the speed of footwork/mobility that ali had. I believe they could but as good as fight night is the movement on there is generic across all boxers

  21. Man, can't wait for finally having a good boxing game again on the PS4 and XONE.

  22. Fight Night Round 2, so many hours I've sunken into that game. Good times…

  23. evalution? ha. He was never better than in fight night round 3. He actualy fought and moved exactly like ali. Fuck the graphics what matters is how he fights.

  24. I pick Ali, everytime I play Fight Night Champion.

  25. I'm young
    I'm handsome
    I'm fast
    I'm pretty
    And can't possibly be beat


  27. got to say the graphics for Greatest Heavyweights Boxing on Genesis/mega drive were great! Never knew of this game before.

  28. que para le voy a dar Ali raja…. mitrez.

  29. Crazy how some of the old games were better than some of the newer ones

  30. Only game that's missing, Is "Champions Forever." That was the 1st video game appearance of Ali, from 1991.
    It's based off the 1989 documentary.

  31. Someone tell me how the animations from the first game were lowkey more realistic than everything that came after?

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