My Cafe Halloween 2018 Decor -

My Cafe Halloween 2018 Decor

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Halloween is coming to My Cafe!

For players of level 7 and above:
• Try to solve the mystery of the cursed painting in two weeks (Oct 25, last day of Diego arrival – Nov 9)
• Play through the story and get special Halloween decorations
• Participate in Ghost Season! Earn trophies at festivals, and the Mystical Organ will bring you more diamonds. (Oct 26 – Nov 12)
Important! Only trophies you earn yourself count.

You can read more in our social network groups. Have fun!

Guide to special characters:

Who came up with the joke about Marshmallow (thank you!) :

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  1. So margaret had the art and couldnt hide the truth. Sha looked the mirror and she understands that had become a snake.This is the hollyness of the art. And after it she changed a lot and return to her nature. Because of her art she looks the mirror one more time and yea she was an angel again!

  2. If you dont want to write dont add this opportunity to players!

  3. I got petrovich mssion, is says I have to put carnival costume to my other employee, which are the costime? help me

  4. Preciso de membros que queiram jogar para ganhar, se tiver respondam aqui , passo meu whats

  5. I believe that there should be a way to help other town members. Say one town member needs cardamom and does have access to the VIP store or gold gift. They could work out a trade that is beneficial to both members. Say 1 cardamom for 10000 coins. This would help to build the township cooperative play.

  6. PLAYER ID: 18929066 Is it possible to send spices to the city treasury without turning into diamonds?

  7. I got a question. What does Ann mean Halloween costume? I spend 99 diamonds to Halloween costume (top) and she didn't give me a gift. What I have to buy to get a gift?

  8. I hate that u almost get nothing without purchasing

  9. i love the outdoor Halloween decor! ♥ Also love the new decor you can earn from helping Diego. Thanks My Cafe!
    Owh Olya maybe talk a bit slower in future videos please…? It sounds a bit stressed and anxious! 😌

  10. I bought the organ for 6.99..when will I start receiving my 800 gems a day?

  11. Hola llevó poco tiempo jugando y me gusta mucho el juego es muy divertido me encanta

  12. Хоть я и говорю по русски, и нечего не понимаю по английскому, но мне всё равно интересно смотреть!!!!!!!)

  13. I’m on task for Diego I haven’t enough coins for the milkshake machine what am I supposed to do apart from losing out

  14. Hola esta muy padre la decoración me gusta mucho, tengo una pregunta el juego del avión con un hoyo que significa? Saludos!!

  15. ID: 52421104

    Llevo solo algunos meses jugando y el juego es increíble, muy adictivo!! 😍
    Hi, the decoration of this halloween is beautiful! I will take advantage of the ornaments 💕 and my favorite ones are definitely the pumpkins🎃💞👻happy Halloween !! 🎃

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