My Favourite Things Fall 2018 (Halloween Special) -

My Favourite Things Fall 2018 (Halloween Special)

Super Eyepatch Wolf
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We’re talking Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5, Dragon Quest 11, AND THEN IT’S TIME TO SPOOK


Lets Fight a Boss Podcast:

Sound Cloud:


Pool Boy:


Youtube recommendations:


God Of War Video:
BioShock Infinite Video:
Microvideos Video (he released this as I was editing and its great):

Show Buckle:

Fin Balor Video:

Other Places:

Paulies Diner:
Lordirn From Dark Souls:

Strucci Movies:
Fake Friends- Parasocial Relationships Part 1:
Fake Friends- Parasocial Relationships Part 2:

Sweet Home Video:


Ghost Hospital:

Sweet Home:


Song List:


  1. I swear he better talk about part 5 soon (and not in December 23 of 2019), although if it happens it'll be what it is😤😢.

  2. why does the battle circuit guy use the same poses as kyo from kof when attacking moving and using specials

  3. How's the story for DQ11? Let's say we're comparing to some of the best like Final Fantasy X or Chrono Trigger.

  4. Coming back to this video after Part 5 JoJo ended realizing you won't do the Why you should Vento Aureo video until December 🙃

  5. 4:12 A clip from RLM discussing the film Ingrid Goes West, a movie about obsessing over Internet personalities.

  6. Is he gay? He said my boyfriend is he serous can somebody please confirm?

  7. Why do SO MANY PEOPLE prefer 1000 year door over N64 Paper Mario?!?!?!?! N64 Paper Mario feels way more like a real RPG than 1000 Year Door does!!!

  8. Wow. Some Miles Davis in a Super Eyepatch Wolf vid.


  9. Old video and maybe your ghost won't notice it, but you're my go to guy when i want to expand my bubble of interests

  10. Three more months until the JoJo Part 5 video.

  11. I just got into JoJo's and your videos have been some of my absolute favorites, and now that you're releasing 'Why You Should Watch JoJo's Part 5' on my 18th birthday? Chief, we've decided to stan

  12. My least favourite thing about dragon quest 11 was that i couldn't play it on ultra

  13. F! I was looking for the vid why you should watch for part 5 haha!

  14. Just seen that WYSW JoJo's part 5 coming 23/12/19 and whilst that's still 2 months away at least it's happening (huge cartoon grin across face).

  15. Oh. maaaan. I wanted to read that trail of blood manga, but i cant find it anywhere legit. Hopefully one of the less cancerous manga sites has a decent version of it.

  16. Fuck i have to wait until December 23 for why you should watch jojo part 5

  17. "Lordran of Dark Souls 3"? Lordran ? Aaachshully, it's Lothric blah, blah, yadda, yadda etc.

  18. Well, a little less than 2 month to go until "Why You Should Watch JoJo Part 5"

  19. I watched that animated music video at the #4 slot once late at night, on my phone, in bed, when I was like thirteen. I didn't get good sleep that night.

  20. I hold you to that why you should watch part 5 release date. Just one month left.

  21. The Madman actually waited a year for ''Why you should watch JoJo Part 5''…

    A man of his word

  22. Kill List is what Wicker Man should have been.

  23. …. wrestling sucks, and you have to play pretend like a kid and imagine cool things happening to actually enjoy all the not cool shit thats happening non-stop. Blows my mind anyone with a mind mature enough to tell fiction from reality would still watch it and not require some debilitating mental defect.

    Wresting is fake and sucks, that is all.

  24. "Lordran from Dark Souls 3"
    Picture of Irrithyl of the Boreal Valley

  25. If u got scared of the no.1 on the scary listen go check out monster…. the main villain will terrify u ……..


  27. "It will come out dec 23 2019"
    Actually comes out nov 23 2019

  28. I don't know if only i noticed but the charachter of dragon quest at the cover of the video was naked and her boobs were totaly exposed

  29. Soooooo Sweet Home just delivered an excellent ending, any chance of a video on it?

  30. He says lordran, the world of ds1, and shows irithril.??????

  31. Showbuckle is just gone from everywhere now

  32. Watching in 2020, what was the national affliction mentioned in the beginning?

  33. Love your videos!! There are so many YouTubers I admire so so much who produce super fun videos (Jack Septic Eye, Clleen Ballinger, The Try Guys, Good Mythical Morning, etc.) but it's not often that you come across one that makes really amazing quality work. And as someone who's studied animation, I love how you bring attention to what an incredible art form it is!

  34. You are really underated, perfekt videos.

  35. DQ11 is my favorite game of the last decade and last generation. Don't sleep on it.

  36. Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell says:

    So this was uploaded on my birthday in 2018. Nice.

  37. I really really REALLY hate to be that person but……Good Night Mommy is an Austrian film, not German. I'm saying this because I'm Austrian and quite proud that a film from a fairly small country such as Austria has international success 😉 I'm happy you enjoyed it though!

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