My FIRST Haunted House! The Halloween Horror Nights Haunted Maze CHALLENGE! -

My FIRST Haunted House! The Halloween Horror Nights Haunted Maze CHALLENGE!

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It’s time for TERROR! We were invited to preview this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios California! Join us as we SCREAM our way through some of our favorite SPOOKY shows – like Stranger Things! Are YOU scared?

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  1. What I have learned this episode:
    MatPat tries to crawl to avoid his fears
    Is that a fact:

  2. The scary part is you never know if there is an actual killer in there or not.

  3. seeing them scared is funny for me but jumpscares w/ hands remind me of BATIM when your jumpscared in chapter 1

  4. How does mat not get scared in horror games but is a scaredy cat in this vid?

  5. Can we take a moment of silence for the cameraman who had to walk backwards the whole time

  6. Mat: "Pinky promise I'll protecc you"
    Steph: "Yeah right"

  7. The title should just be Stephanie Screaming Over Very Loud Music and Mathew Acting Like He’s Not Scared


  9. I feel like its funny that stephanie and matpat are screaming and the cameraman never says anything

  10. For a guy afraid of pigeons and chickens…..Jason did pretty good…..I mean he didn't have a heart attack….right?

  11. I know he was joking, but there are haunted houses that do “spooky gusts of wind” and they can actually scare you, I do volunteer work at a haunted house in my town and they do quick bursts of, like, compressed air, that catch you off guard and scare you

  12. Man, I wish I had the nerve for a haunted house and I'm not allowed to do haunted houses.

  13. The subtitles said "dang it" but that is not what I heard.

  14. You can just tell how scared they are already in the first 3 minutes

  15. I love how in the first maze Matpat just ended up crawling for a bit

  16. I think it's funny that the people at the haunted house don't attack the camera man but instead focus MatPat and Stephanie

  17. If only there was a fnaf haunted house then mat would be to busy trying to figure out the lore to be scared

  18. Good thing they didn’t go to the plant one. I went that year for my first time, thought “hey it’s plants can’t be that scary right?” Got in line and the first thing the couple behind me says when I ask about the haunted house is “oh yeah it’s the worst one this year”

  19. Jason and Chris are so handsome 🙂

  20. I laugh, but know that I would cry if I was here.

  21. Props to the cameraman literally firming it while watching his bosses get scare to death

  22. get your watching this after stefs last stream ticket here

  23. This video is:

    Mat & Steph: talking

    Music: I’m sorry did you say something?

  24. Matpat is me! Literally scared of basically everything then insulting said scary thing.
    Steph is my boyfriend. Except he half drags me half carries me along.

  25. As much as everyone knows that Frankenstein was the doctor, most people dont know that the monster's name is Adam

  26. 3:13 I like how matpat gets scared and then accuses the monster of not being classic

  27. Is be to funny to if you get or self heart rate monitor end go to hounted house oh btw part 2 please

  28. everyone else: YAY MONSTERS
    Matpat: "can i have your gun?" 7:53

  29. I love how this entire thing is just watching them scream like the whole time lol

  30. I'm a terrible haunted house goer because my reaction is to try and out scare the jump scarer. (It helps that I'm usually the designated werewolf/wolf man FX person around Halloween and it's my job to scare other people. So I react… poorly… to say the least.)

  31. Matt: I will protect you!

    Also Matt: cowering in fear behind steph

  32. How do you get scared so easily. At least it was fun to watch

  33. Universal Monsters is, according to Dead Meat, one of the scariest mazes of this year. Poor MatPat

  34. I loved it when the guy in the giant red outfit scared mat twice

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