NEGATIVE Spider-Man! (Spiderman PS4 #5) -

NEGATIVE Spider-Man! (Spiderman PS4 #5)

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here we go.. a brand new spider suit!!


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  1. Dantdm is so dirty minded

    Dan:he gonna sniff them

  2. When you were in the parking you said i thouht this was dragons breath it was devils breath not dragons

  3. 13:18 dude I just came back from a Harry Potter escape room and now I hear THIS

  4. Dan your minecraft brain has made you forget spider man you said dragons breath instead of devils breath

  5. 44:19 Dan Says Dragons breath instead of Devils breath. He is used to MC

  6. dan: ihope nothing happens to may or i will be so angry

    me: dan no time to wait get angry already cause at the end she dies from devils breath

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  8. 1:14:50 We need to find this dragon's breath. Lol he might be getting confused with devils breath and dragon's breath from minecraft

  9. 7:54
    🤣🤣🤣 dun know why but is makinf my laught my arse off

  10. Fun Fact: The Stark Suit is the exact same 3D Model, EVERYTHING is the exact same as used in the movies, down to the color, cause most of MCU is 3D Models when it comes to stuff that isn't possible in real life

  11. a guy picks up a shield and dan calls him a genius

  12. the amaing spiderman 1 is where lizard coms 2 is for electro and 3 don't know

  13. Dan I'm sure aunt may will be fine me oh how wrong you where

  14. Lol he didn’t notice the animations of the people on the boat

  15. 41:55 anybody else see that traffic cone fly through the air and perfectly land on the side walk?

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