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Orlando Overdrive 2018 [Ongako Music & Indie Video Games]

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This is an overview video of the ‘Orlando Overdrive 2018’ in Winter Park, Florida at the ‘Geek Easy’ bar and night club. It is a music event with new acts on stage every hour. Also, there are a number of independent video game companies. Most are showing off their games for the first time.

Companies and their games displayed are:

Battle Gem Ponies (Yotes Games)
Floppy and the Sleepy Planet (Broad Strokes)
Jai-Lai Heroes
Jungles of Natheria (SlifkerGames)
Steamhounds (Stray Basilisk)
Tootin’ Pouches (Space Dog Games)

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  1. Awesome! I was feeling nostalgic for Orlando Overdrive and had no idea I'd find a video about it today. And there it is at 4:32… Don't even remember any of that being filmed. This made my day. Thanks!

  2. I didn't explain this well. The "Ongaku Overdrive" is a music event series. The "Orlando Overdrive" in the local Orlando one pertaining to video game music. The "Orlando Overdrive" is held every so often at the "Geek Easy" in Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park is on the border of Orlando.

  3. I knew Jai-lai from the opening theme of Miami Vice 😁

  4. Wow what a trip seeing u go here. Ive hung out at The Geek Easy & have even played music myself there quite a few times, it’s like a 15-20 min drive for me

  5. Thanks Biff, always a treat to see your vids in my inbox!

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