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Overwatch – 2018 HALLOWEEN TERROR EVENT REVIEW (Best Skins Ever?!)

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The third Halloween event brought so many memorable skins and items, but it seemed to lack in other parts of the event. Today I wanted to talk about this event and why is doesn’t deserve hate, if any.

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  1. Birgitte shield bash highlight intro reminds of dark times and scary overpowerness, that's why it's in the Halloween event.

  2. I'mma roast you bro you wack. Your the best overwatch youtuber

  3. They should make a Chuckie the doll skin for Torbjorn for the next Halloween event.

  4. It’s so unfair when heroes that already have Halloween skins ( mei, mcree, pharah ) get even more Halloween skins but then hero’s like the sweetheart Orisa don’t get anything:(

  5. Ive played junkenstein more than once and still enjoyed heck i even refit my genji with his archives event cuz i was feeling notalsgic

  6. This event is garbage. The only good Halloween skins are Hammond and Soldier. And Blizzard had to give Pharah a 2nd Halloween skin when neither Genji nor LUCIO has any

  7. Did you just Say chatou guillard? Ils pronounced chato guiyar

  8. I love the game mode. But I HATE the skins. I do like Moira's a little.

  9. All of your vids are so good I can’t get enough

  10. Ive been here since halloween terror 16 and not to be a bitch but i think this years halloween skins suck. And i was hoping for skins for people who dont have halloween skins so im hella disappointed This aint it chief

  11. They should’ve made a junkenstein sequel that’s set at the new chateau map and played like CoD, or at least retribution. If I were to do it, the story would be that the main characters find out that Junkenstein is alive and is hiding inside a deserted castle. Junkenstein plans to launch a surprise attack in the kingdom with his newly founded allies such as Dracula, the Swamp Monster(DoomFish), the Enchanted Armor, and the star of the show, the monster’s Bride. Together, the wanderers went to the castle and take on new zomnics, weaponized tombstones(Bastions), slay the monsters one by one, and eventually putting and end to Junkenstein’s madness once and for all.

  12. I like this event, I haven’t played overwatch for a Halloween event before so it’s not boring to me but I can see why people want something new

  13. By this point were just playing the game for the skins

  14. He was pronouncing chateau guillard incorrectly 😂😂

  15. I love the skins they are amazing. Junkenstein revenge is really fun i really enjoy it playing with my friends. I think this event is really good

  16. I don’t think the skins are that great. Last year was much better in my opinion

  17. Bro you wack I love you but it’s pronounced “shat-oh”, not “shat-oo”.

  18. So no one is going to talk about Genji not getting a skin??

  19. I do feel this is one of the best events regarding cosmetic aspects. Skins, sprays, hell, even icons are all 10/10. I appreciate that and the hard work Blizzard has put into the Halloween event this year. The thing is, I wouldn't be that upset about no brand new game modes or the same event for three years straight if we actually got to see correct hero balancing. At the developer's update, Jeff said they were focusing on day to day quality of the game. I could see that with the color blind changes and Pharah's buff/nerf, but there are so many problems that are being ignored. Toxicity, bugs and most importantly, hero balancing. Doomfist, Bastion and especially Mercy are being completely ignored. Mercy's threads keep getting deleted or banned, even though it's the number #1 topic in the forums. Also, the elephant in the room: Brigitte. Blizzard is trying so hard to please professional players and big Overwatch content creators that they'll do anything to please them. Mercy? Nerfed to dead. Brigitte is next, I could see that the moment "pros" started complaining about how she was too o.p and broken.
    Developers need to get their shit together and start planning were do they want Overwatch to be headed. I hope we get to see it by the Winter Wonderland event.

  20. i wouldhave loved it if they made a little bonus round on chateau and if they added sombra as a boss on the main mode. or Even add sombra bride in the bonus round as the ultimate boss and just a cool boss battle.

  21. Mei skin is amazing but the mccree skin is trashy
    I wish I would be a main met so i can rock this skin

  22. Should I get tracers gold gun or mercy’s?? 🤔💕 please I need help 😭😂

  23. I love the event and the skins, but they could have changed the halloween mode a little bit

  24. He can win halloween event but he cant win against other heroes

  25. So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube says:

    Best skins ever? Actually: not at all

  26. I gotta roast you im sry Bro…….you wack

  27. Top 5 skins (Halloween Terror 2018) (Hard to choose because only top 3 are good):
    1. Banshee (Moira)
    2. Bride (Sombra)
    3. Spider (Widowmaker)
    4 Slasher 76 (Soldier)
    5. Undead (McCree)

  28. It’s pronounced Sha-toh (Chateau) Yeah, French is strange

  29. I looooove this holloween event!👻🎃👻🎃
    My favorite skins are sombra👰, wrecking ball🎃 and pharah👻

  30. the skins from the halloween event are my favourite skins in the entire game, but especially this year, they really pulled through. and i’m going to be real here, i love the game mode, i find it super fun and rewarding.

  31. Bro you wack f the haters your an amazing yotuber keep up it up man

  32. Gotta say, it almost seems like the lack of event stuff… means something else is being worked on

  33. I was hoping for the Genji skin. Guess we'll wait till next year..

  34. I don’t like the event

    Bc dva didn’t get a skin

  35. I'm glad I found your channel I really enjoyed watching your videos

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