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Overwatch 2018 New HALLOWEEN Skins! (Ideas, Artwork, & Possible Teasers)

Master Ian Gamer
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With the Halloween Terror event coming up, let’s check out some of the Overwatch 2018 Halloween skins we could be getting! Despite the leaks, there could always be more new 2018 Halloween skins in store for us, so let’s look at what sort of possible new cosmetics we could get added. There’s tons of new Halloween skin ideas, so this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you have your own ideas that you’d like to see added to the 2018 Halloween Overwatch event, please leave them in the comments below!

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Sorceress Moira:
Plague Doctor Ana:
Ghostbuster Zarya:
Jack-o-lantern D.Va:
Cinderella D.Va:
Demon Orisa:

Other images used are either official artwork from Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm or mediocre abominations I cobbled together just for this video.

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  1. Halloween themed Animated Short? Seems like a good idea…

  2. Oh what if winstons scream when he uses his ult goes to a howl

  3. Sombra – La Llorona
    Brigitte – Haunted Armour
    Wrecking Ball – Jack-in-the-box
    Orisa – Centaur
    Tracer – Monochrome (Epic)
    Pharah – Crow (Epic)

  4. If they don't make that Genji skin I ain't playing.

  5. mummy genji is the stupidest idea i have ever heard, im sorry

  6. I always wanted a Winston Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde skin

  7. One thing I hate about YouTube is that every time you post a video it pops up a day late which is annoying because I love your videos, keep up the good work

  8. How about a Lich King Reinhardt, that would be awesome

  9. I can see Genji getting a mummy kinda skin but you the whole Mercy saving Genji is not true. Blizzard confirmed she had nothing to do with it

  10. How cool would a pumpkin wrecking ball with a skeleton in it be?

  11. Werewolf hunter McCree and when he uses his ultimate he says “It’s a full moon” instead of “It’s High Noon”

  12. Omg I love all your ideas on D.Va and yeah I hope they could be epic skins because I don't have enough money to buy them neither is my luck good with getting skins off loot boxes

  13. v a m p i r e h a n z o b l i z z a r d p l e a s e

  14. I really want the genji skins and reapers just cause I main those two

  15. How about a Druid Moira, because of her Irish heritage

  16. Or a skeleton Genji skin?

  17. I need the ghostbusters zarya (I love ghostbusters)

  18. I hope Reaper gets a krampus skin for christmas that would be so badass

  19. I want a new skin for Symmetra. But she probably gets one for the Christmas event.

  20. Jack-o'-lantern Wrecking ball with Hammond dressed as a candle.

  21. I still want Avengers skins
    Doomfist – Thanos
    Doomfist – Black Panther
    Soldier: 76 – Black Panther
    Soldier: 76 – Captain America (Wakanda)
    McCree – Bucky (cuz the arm)
    Widowmaker – Black Widow
    Genji – Iron Spider/Spiderman
    Soldier: 76 – Antman
    Lucio – Black Panther
    Moira – Scarlet Witch
    Reinhardt – Hulk/Hulk Buster
    Soldier: 76 – Starlord
    Hammond – Rocket
    Hanzo – Hawkeye
    Roadhog – Hulk
    Winston – Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
    Winston – Ironman
    Winston – Hulk
    Zenyatta – Doctor Strange
    Reinhardt – Thor
    And maybe some genderbends
    Pharah – Ironman
    Widowmaker – Spiderman
    Brigitte – Captain America
    Brigitte – Thor
    I could go on but my favorites are:
    Iron Spider Genji
    Black Widow Widowmaker
    Hulk Buster Reinhardt
    Doctor Strange Zenyatta
    Ironman Pharah
    Wakandan Cap Soldier: 76
    Bucky McCree
    Thanos Doomfist
    Hawkeye Hanzo
    Scarlet Witch Moira
    Black Panther Lucio

  22. Reaper's Plague Doctor skin is NOT a plague doctor. It's a witch doctor with a plague doctor mask. I want another Plague Doctor skin. I think it would fit Reaper or Moira more but, yeah, the Junkenstein Ana is an alchemist

  23. Nightmare Before Christmas
    Moira = Jack Skellington
    Mercy = Sally
    Roadhog = Oogie Boogie
    I've talked about this too much and I wish I could get these

  24. D.Va the Destroyer isn't demonic themed, but dragon themed after Deathwing.

  25. I just hope that Genji become the „slasher“ skin…

  26. How do i send you sink ideas? Cuz i have art that I did of a Halloween skin called bride for mei.

  27. I was talking to my friend about Halloween skins and that Moira skin came up.

  28. Cthulu reinhart and simon belmont brigitta. And after sending in my request to Blizzard if I don't see these I'm quitting and never coming back especially after they changed hanzo's salt and pepper hair cut because little kids cried about it. I've been down with blizzard games since 99 they owe me 😛

  29. If you dont know… sombra would get the bride cause they have to give her just bad hair skins

  30. cant have a female ghost buster!!!!! the internet hates everything!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! stop being toxic!!!!!!!!!

  31. no!!!! no cinderella skin for dva. we already have too many incel manchildren fantasizing about her dont make it worse!

  32. Just BTW Cinderella D.Va wouldn't be a problem because the story of Cinderella is public domain.

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