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Overwatch news halloween skins and new game mode thoughts and predictions based on the data we know so far!
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  1. what if tracer is the ghost🤔

  2. Tracer would be the best for ghosts based on lore

  3. SOMEONE IS GETTING A BRIDE SKIN AKA THE WIFE OF JUNKENSTEINS MONSTER, honestly I think it will be weird (cuz ima widow main) but I do think it might be widow, just bc of her long hair and stuff eventhough it will be really weird, the skin would be AMAZING

  4. I hope Moira gets a Halloween skin. She has so much potential.

  5. Roadhog needs to have a skin like Stitches from World of Warcraft like so badly

  6. The bride will be Zaria, like Frankenstein's bride.

  7. Based on Lore, the Ghost skin could also work for Tracer because of her chronal disassociation, and her story says "she was a living ghost, disappearing for hours and days at a time." I think she could be a candidate.


  9. Does anybody know where i can read Overwatch comics?

  10. i think the ghost skin can be rein skin too. cuz in the commic he dress like those spirit pirate 😀

  11. Maybe the ghost skin is for Tracer?

    because before she had the chronal accelerator, she was fading in and out of existence like a ghost.

  12. How about a ghost Genji? Hanzo supposedly "killed" him and we can see Genji with him being injured from the fight with Hanzo 🤐🤔

  13. Jeff said there's not going to be a new game mode this time :0

  14. Ghost is Genji
    Bride is sombra
    Slasher is soldier 76
    Spider queen is widow

  15. Seriously? Does anyone not know about the leaks? SOLDIER IS THE SLASHER!

  16. Sorry, no new event Jeff said it himself in the developer's update.

  17. The icons for the skins where already leaked and they confirmed there no new gamemode so lol

  18. I hate how everything soccer related is like rocket league

  19. Bride I think might be Moira or Sombra as for the spider on maybe Orisa and Slasher might be Genji. Guess we'll know come the event

  20. I could see Moira as a ghost with her Dash and draining abilities Reaper is a little bit too obvious

  21. Here are my personal predictions based on the new leaked achievement icon, soldier as slasher, sombra as the bride, widow as the spider queen, and Winston as the ghost

  22. I want tracer to have a dr Frankenstein’s sister read the novel then u will know what I’m saying


  24. You Know what THE comick and THE genji Windows Torbjörn and zen they are playedle om a ginius

  25. They should release a new hero with an event, just cos they can. Like, something like an actual ghost. Idk, maybe they can't shoot, but they can provide moral support, which increases their team's damage resistance for a short period of time, and another ability called "Boo!" where they increase damage taken on the enemy team for a short period of time within a certain a vicinity. It'd be cool

  26. The bride could be mercy bc her a genji that stuff

  27. Hanzo rein widow soldier and maybe dva will have new skins

  28. I think next year there is going to be a orisa skin and i think its going to be a black centaur creature and its a legendary!!!

  29. The Halloween event has ended I came back to see how many you got 1 right widowmaker epic skin

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