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Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018

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Let’s get this party startled: Blizz.ly/OHT2018

The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 event, IT’S A-LIVE! The haunt is on from now to October 31. Trick or Treat yo’ self with all new holiday-themed loot, and descend into the madness of our spoopy PvE brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge!

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  1. Again a useless event. plz work on your reals problems. You player balance sucks!

  2. I love how I just now found out this was a thing after the event ended

  3. Ah, Doomfist shoulda became a gargoyle instead, cause he came from the sky? Or the top?

  4. I love this it gives me something to actually look forward too at halloween!

  5. Got every Halloween Legendary by spending 10,750 currency and got the rest by leveling up 60 times it was worth it for getting the Doomfist and Ana skins I wanted and so I was lucky enough to enjoy over 80 hours of Junkensietn's Revenge endless mode to get more EXP

  6. I'm feeling really bad for the camera guy running for his life😱😨

  7. I wish there was a special mode in custom games where you could play junkensteins revenge 2016 cuz it was different but it’s would only be in custom game

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  9. Waiting for the Christmas event so
    Here I am

  10. well at least monster roadhog has a sister

  11. Just some person who simps for 2d men says:

    In halloween:
    Everyone turns into a scary outfit except for reeper
    Reeper: I don't need no outfit to look scary

  12. I missed this event by ONE HECKING DAY

  13. A decent event, let's hope the same for Halloween 2019

  14. I don't care if this was 6 months ago, I want that to have been a new Sombra highlight intro

  15. I love this trailer, it’s my favorite, it’s so good!

  16. The only time I’ll play overwatch is during the Halloween event

  17. Solo unas semanas más. Ya casi estamos

  18. that sombra moment should've been a highlight intro

  19. Who’s here because the event was suppose to be today?

  20. We can't get to the 2019 ver of this awesome halloween event because of that stupid switch port of the game. I:T

  21. Watching for nostalgia
    Until the 2019 one comes out

  22. goodbye halloween xD I guess we will not see you this year

  23. It's 2019 and Blizzard is making news for banning a HearthStone player for supporting the freedom of the Hong Kong people against China…..

    And I'm over here just wondering when Haloween Terror '19 will come out.

  24. I wish sombra was a new boss in the junkenstiene event

  25. The heavy breathing sounds like something from FnaF 3 or TAKEN from FnaF 3

  26. Anyone watching all the trailers again before the event starts tomorrow?

  27. Thanks algorithm I'm definitely going to log into overwatch now 3 years later

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