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PDXCON 2018 – The Business of Video Games – Paradox Podcast

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In this episode of the Paradox Podcast, Shams and Daniel discuss PDXCON 2018 and it’s purpose, live at PDXCON 2018.

The Paradox Podcast is a podcast about the business of video games, brought to you by Paradox Interactive. Daniel Goldberg (Marketing & Communications) and Shams Jorjani (Business Development and Acquisitions) tries to shed a light on a part of the industry which is seldomly spoken of.


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  1. if PDX does a Stellaris TV series, I will preorder the shit out whatever streaming channel it comes out on 😀

  2. Anyone have a link for that blogpost about the Stellaris multiplayer game? Sounds really interresting…

  3. Was just thinking today about how I wanted / needed a Paradox Podcast for when I go for my walks. Nice timing.

  4. One of the best things about this company. Love these guys.

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