PlayStation Plus | Monthly Games for February 2018 | PS4 -

PlayStation Plus | Monthly Games for February 2018 | PS4

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You PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for February are coming!

Explore the beautiful yet rugged world of puzzle adventure RiME, and play as Knack, an unlikely hero, as you rescue humanity from a vicious goblin army.

Your new PlayStation plus games will be available on 6th February.

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  1. Well, I haven't played Rime, so this is a nice chance to give it a try. I really liked Knack, so I don't complain, I prefer much more Knack 2, but well, it's something decent.

  2. Thank you Sony after a year of trash this is finally a good month. Rime is a game i always wanted to check but not buying it because it looks just like the windwaker. Keep it up.

  3. Oh yeah this month we have one of the worst game on PS4!

  4. Hi sony pls add in psn account create latvian country to latvian peaple buy ps plus and games in psn store

  5. Darth golden freddy Animations and reviews says:

    I'm disappointed because the leaks said dark souls 2 and far cry 4 😫

  6. I'm really sick of the suck up cucks who are saying rime is good, it's another soulless indie game

  7. Honestly the worst most dullest trailer in Sony's even need to boast we get online multiplayer and discounts!!! Oh dear why not boast free messaging aswell to pad it out even more!? Embrassing

  8. Now that ps plus is £50 for 12 months really needs to be more than this each month if not we need a choice just to play on line for cheaper subscription and keep the naff games for the higher level subscribers

  9. Sony give the fans the last of us for a payment of 60$ a year thats not fair 😂😂

  10. Che giochi di Merda faccio prima a comprarmi Xbox one

  11. Sony for a the love of god give us killzone or something. Hella cheap but I'd rather play that over knack

  12. I'd be all for these indie style platformer type games IF I had a vita or handheld console. I did not purchase a ps4 for 350 quid to play these budget quality games. Not to say these games are bad, but I personally do not feel the need to play them

  13. There are games like watch dogs 2, dishonered 2, prey 2, Mafia 3, battlefield 4, project cars y dont u give us somehting like that or give us hellblade. Its sucks to get games which are dead or max 5 bucks 🙁

  14. Ahh i see yall bringing in april fools early. Now give us the real lineup sony, cmon

  15. February is a month for disappointment 👎👎👎

  16. Is it just me or there are no new monthly games

  17. This line up is more tragic than Kim Jong Un and America

  18. Im still waiting for the announcement. Oh whaaat? Thats it? Thats it. Right. Why do i bother.

  19. They might aswell not even bring these games out for free looooool

  20. Could you recycle it I wanna get a different game I got grand Kingdom and knack I need another one please

  21. $0 is too much to ask for these games.

  22. Well at january i said this is a dissapointment then i tried out Knack..

  23. you started going to the wrong road again playstation…

  24. That's real cute Sony, not only once or twice was PSN down but three times and this is all we get? You increased the Price for PSN over here twice and still are as cheap as ever. Should of went with giving us Dark Souls 2 and Far Cry 4 not this trash line up that won't ever get played.

  25. I thought of uncharted 4 or something but nope we get this

  26. Knack is a joke and apparently,Sony wasn’t in on the joke.

    Knack 2 on the other hand……

  27. Well at least we're getting rime and knack

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