PS4 - Spider-Man Official Commercial Trailer (2018) -

PS4 – Spider-Man Official Commercial Trailer (2018)

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Marvel’s Spider-Man extended trailer. BE GREATER.
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  2. Is that the Russian guy from Arrow??? I need to know!

  3. I don't have this game yet but I did get the pop vinyl figure based off of it and a newspaper article based on the Daily Bugle with a giant poster of the game's cover on the back of it and also use wallpaper featuring the brand new Spider-Man on my PS4. So I'm looking forward to playing the game as soon as I get it, since my last Spider-Man game was a few years back when I was playing it on the PS3. I had a game from the movie version way back in 2002 and my first Spidey game was even earlier than that on the old PlayStation console back in 2000 before the movie came out.

  4. Was that meant to be Kevin Spacey at the end???

  5. I wish I had the Spider-Man game but I only have a black PlayStation 4

  6. Got the game like 4 days ago and already level 20

  7. Alicia Keys' It's On Again would work perfectly in that get up scene.

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