PS5 Spider-Man Remastered vs PS4 Pro -

PS5 Spider-Man Remastered vs PS4 Pro

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Take a look at Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered running on PS5 in Fidelity Mode compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) running on a PlayStation 4 Pro. 

One of the PlayStation 4’s most beloved games, Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a face lift (quite literally) for Sony’s brand-new PlayStation 5, so we compared it to a version of the game running on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PlayStation 5 is able to be played in two modes. In Performance Mode, the game runs at 60fps, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles afforded to the next generation, such as ray tracing. In Fidelity Mode, the game is locked at 30fps, but has lighting enhancements, ray tracing, and additional visual effects. We compared the PS5 version’s Fidelity Mode to the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game, which runs at 30fps in an upscaled 4K resolution. 

We also show some more footage of Peter Parker’s new face, so you can compare it to the old one, and judge which you prefer. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Ultimate Edition includes Spider-Man Remastered. You can buy the game separately, or upgrade your PS4 version.


  1. Cant wait for the last of us remakes and makes part one and two become one game

  2. Do PS4 and PS4 Pro have the same effects tho? Im not intrested in the PS5 after i saw the fire effects.

  3. ayo why the lighting is like that in the ps5?

  4. Can it only be played on PS4 pro or can it be played on other PS4 models

  5. Bruh, the new face doesn't fit with the picture at the beginning at all.

  6. Without a doubt ps4 pro looks better and has better graphics in this comparison. Somebody either f'd up big time on this remaster or the ps5 is actually not as good as they say. Just look at fisks face 5:33

  7. thats not peter parker, thats pete playground

  8. Make him look older, the face is kind of fine otherwise… Arbitrarily changed but fine….

  9. Bruh they gon be clowning these guys for awhile

  10. How do you even get remastered on ps4 version

  11. Wait.
    People still play games at 30fps?

    But that's illegal

  12. Oddly enough, I find the PS4 character models to be more expressive. Might just be the new lighting though.

  13. the colors on the ps4 pro are very "exaggerated"

  14. Always irritates me when people don’t press X at the end of a swing

  15. Sad but the only meaning is in a higher FPS

  16. I hate how they made him look younger in the remaster. The whole point is that this is Peter a few years after he came to terms with his power and has had time to develop an adult life alongside his powers. In the remaster he still looks like a highschooler.

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