Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra | VIDEO GAMES LIVE 2016 -

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra | VIDEO GAMES LIVE 2016

Qatar Philharmonic
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March 4, 2016
Tommy Tallarico, host and guitar
Felicitas Fuchs, choir master
Eimear Noone, conductor


  1. My mom wants me to go to this this year for my b day and IDK if I want to go

  2. Just saw this live in my hometown tonight! So AMAZING!!!

  3. Am I the boy one who saw no problem with the guitarist? Whenever he talked, he was introducing the songs, or talking about video games as art, he only mentioned who he was ONCE at the start of the show, so cut him some slack and lay off it, at least in my opinion.

  4. The guitar is ruining the halo theme. Even the halo 2 soundtrack didn't sound like that.

  5. Just went to Distant Worlds and Zelda symphony. Highly recommended! He ruined One Winged Angel with his guitar. I agree with other reviews. Dude needs to take a sit back and let the show run its course. Great orchestra but bad host.

  6. The pieces were performed fantastically. I like how excited Tommy is, and also how he tries to engage the crowd, but I didn't like him getting close to the conductor. Shredding next to her is awkward af, because she has to pay attention to the orchestra in front of her. Personal space is important, and an orchestra setting demands a level of respect. He's not duelling with a long haired fellow guitarist. Maybe he just likes the smell of her perfume? 😀 I get what he is trying to achieve here, he's just trying to a bit of add spice and excitement to everything.

  7. wow, couple of years later, I am still love it, actually first time konw Tommy in 2014, video of game London concern…

  8. Still waiting to see an orchestra from Batman Arkham musics…

  9. The guy playing guitar reminds me of Ben Stiller

  10. Seems to me that nobody has noticed that they played Daft Punk at the beginning, when the made the soundtrack for Tron Legacy.

  11. 17:57 Metal Gear Solid: Main Theme & Encounter
    24:47 Shaddow of the Colossus: The Open way
    45:04 Resident Evil 5: Wind of Madness
    1:56:20 Final Fantasy: One Winged Angel

  12. Didn't know it was still going on. I might go to Glasgow. I want Persona songs lmao

  13. Whoa nelly! This is so super cooler than tuning heads! Get it? Turing heads?

  14. Whoever is playing Sonic 1 for video capture purposes…isn't doing a very good job.

  15. in Berlin they don´t played live. Playbacks and big Sound from "Tape". Small Orchester an a small Coir on Stage…..want my monney back ….

  16. Tommy just EXUDES douche at an astronomical level! Off the charts!

  17. Loved the resident evil 5. Sounds incredible 👌🏻

  18. the guitarists they always use for the halo theme sucks balls ruins it

  19. no one cheered for the halo theme? lol really it doesnt get more iconic than that i mean seriously.

  20. this chrono trigger part hit me right in the heart

  21. In Qatar, the audience must be mostly U.S. GIs from the bases there…this sort of thing is haram for the locals, especially with a female conductor.

  22. I was listening to this while working and Legend of Zelda at 56:31 gave me major John Williams vibes, even a little Superman.

  23. I just saw it in Charrlotte! It was amazing. Kinda wish they had Earthbound but oh well…

  24. This is not lana del rey wrong video😭😂

  25. Well all I came for was metal gear and halo and both are pretty good

  26. Why isn't there a Contra movie/series yet? Youncould literally go anywhere with it.

  27. can someone please explain to me why in gods name that random ass guitar shredder is like at the center of this all? lol AND he's announcing shit? Is he like the creator of this? lol

  28. The crowd clapping during the Mario Overworld theme was so wholesome

  29. Would be nice to have quartet performances of themed songs, such as iconic mixes from old RPGs such as The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Shadowgate. A small gathering for a good performance.

  30. At the end the Metal Gear Solid gave me chills, and I found myself cheering out loud for the Halo one… wow, incredible job to all of you… 💜💜

  31. I'm from 2020 and the Mario one just makes me cry 😔

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