Replay (2014): A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games -

Replay (2014): A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games

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Ending a 3 year project is nothing to go lightly on. I knew that if I were to do something big for the end of this year, it would have to literally be beyond me and my potential and this medley was just that. This medley was begun a week and a day before it was released. I made this during the same week as my last year of college finals and during hell weeks for numerous other projects rendering me very little possible time to work on it. Still the time restraint gave me One day for arranging, one day for drum programming, one day for doing all of the mixing and mastering and one day to edit this beast of a video. This was because recording all of the audio took 4 days of straight recording to finish. Things didn’t go to plan, namely I wish I had had more time to practice with the green screen and make sure all the shots would work with it and I wish I had more time to mix and master.

Why would I do that, you may ask. Why would I give myself a week to produce a 17 minute medley with 38 songs and also incorporate techniques like green screening I’ve never even practiced for video before? Because if there’s anything I’ve tried to do in these past 4 years of being on YouTube and not just with video game covers, it’s push myself to my absolute potential. What you’re watching is literally the best I can do given a week to put a video together and I’m not sure I can ever top this in that amount of time. Hence why I will be stopping weekly cover thus far. I’ll be touching up on that in the update video coming soon.

That out of the way, I had a ridiculously fun time making this. The covers in the style I was doing them started to drain on me and I had to do something different. I’ve been planning something like this since the very beginning of my YouTube videos as I was greatly inspired by the Mario Paint video Evolution of Video Gaming, not to mention people like Fredde Gredde who put countless songs in one video and still made it enjoyable regardless of the length. I hope this video does everything I hoped it would for you and really take you on a journey through the amazing short life video gaming has had since 1972.

These past 4 years have been a journey for me and this was the best way to repay you guys in my eyes. Because of your support, I have had opportunities to do things I couldn’t have ever dreamed of and even when I was worried this video wouldn’t get done, or spending countless minutes I didn’t have nailing a riff, I knew that this video would be my greatest thank you possible to the worlds most amazing fan base.

There are no words that can possibly express my gratitude so I’ll leave it just as I left this video.

Thank you for playing. I’ll see you guys sooner than you think. 🙂

Arranged and Performed: FamilyJules7x
Composed by: Too many to name here. These composers are all brilliant musicians and you should look them all up and listen to their other work.

Rhythm Guitars: Gibson Explorer
Clean Guitars: PRS SE Custom 7 String
Lead Guitars: Schecter Damien FR
Bass Guitar: Ibanez Soundgear SR405QM
Classical Guitar: Cordoba C7
Ocarina: STL Zelda Tenor
Drums: Toontrack Superior Drummer

Interface: Line 6 Pod HD Pro
Guitar Strap: Viper Strapz
Guitar Pick: CSGuitar89 Custom 1.14mm
Mixer: Yamaha MG102c
Audio Software: Mixcraft 6.1
Mastering Software: Izotope Ozone 5
Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Video Camera: Canon Eos Rebel T3i

Song List:

0:07 Pong
0:17 Gunfight
0:21 Space Invaders
0:30 Pac-man
0:37 Frogger
0:46 Dig Dug
1:01 Phozon
1:10 Tetris
1:34 Super Mario Bros
2:01 Legend of Zelda
2:32 Punch-Out!!
2:55 Super Mario Bros. 2 – Character Select
3:11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3:36 Super Mario World – Athletic Theme
4:04 Sonic – Scrap Brain Zone
4:20 Street Fighter II – Vega’s Theme
4:45 Mortal Kombat
5:17 Star Fox
5:52 Donkey Kong Country – Gang-Plank Galleon
6:04 Donkey Kong Country 2 – Snakey Chantey
6:24 Pokémon – Gym
6:48 Goldeneye
7:26 Ocarina of Time – Intro
8:08 Medal of Honor
8:39 The Sims
9:10 Animal Crossing
9:42 Battlefield 1942
10:14 Wind Waker
10:39 World of Warcraft – Song of Elune
11:05 Civilization IV – Baba Yetu
11:41 Twilight Princess – Hyrule Field
12:29 Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy
12:54 Fallout 3
13:23 Braid – Downstream
13:43 Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission
14:11 Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim
14:41 Super Hexagon – Focus
15:00 Last of Us
15:21 Dark Souls II – Longing

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  1. Mario Galaxy end theme and Fallout 3 – best moment !

  2. ok… I don't recognize most of the tunes, but this is actually just plain good music. Kudos.

  3. I have 3 words to describe perfectly ur video:

  4. No Halo. Considerong Steve Vai did Halo I would have expected that series here.

  5. Amazing!!! Glad you chose Vega's theme for SF!!! THANKS!!

  6. nobody mentions about Medal of Honor😭😭 it gave me chills

  7. BF1942 might be the most badass cover of all time

  8. I respect that you added Battlefield. But no Halo at all in any of the years. In 2001 it was considered the game of the year. In 2004 it revolutionised party systems with its virtual couch on every platform. And on 2007 it had the best world builder only rivalled by Gary’s mod with the best file share and it practically started ESports on its own.

    The fuck did you miss this BEHEMOTH OF A GAME?
    And if you use the excuse that the game has no captivating soundtrack. Go look up Halo Soundtrack. Halo 2 in particular with its epic guitar rifts. The main theme was even featured in Guitar Hero 3. And if you say that the game is dead. Well, I like 35% of our modern gamers remember it fondly with many new gems introduced to it Via Master Chief on Fortnite. Good day. :/

  9. Heavy metal James Bond theme is not a thing I knew I needed in my life.
    …until now.
    Edit: OMG THE SIMS! <3 I haven't heard the music for that original intro in so long…
    Edit again: Heavy metal "Baba Yetu" OMG. Love it. 😀

  10. I have so much admiration for you! You work very hard on your channel.

  11. damn this was really made before the legend that is undertale huh

  12. History of videogames non gamers have heard about…
    No Sega (almost), no jrpgs, no PC games from the time PC was the biggest video game platform (almost), no online games, no mobile games.
    Yes, the video is still very much watchable, obviously. No, I don't think that I shouldn't be allowed to mention that the title is a bit laughable.

  13. What classic video still love this right here, especially the beginning shot!
    much love blessings peace and good vibes

  14. The Skyrim one was, among others, pretty impressive!

  15. Thats's as great as incomplete without the Diablo town theme

  16. I'm 8 and Nick my step-dad showed me this!

  17. Video game music really had something going for them, then it just… stopped. Like tell me the last game that really had a recognizable theme like Mario or Teris or Mortal Kombat.

  18. Damn… that legend of zelda hit hard..

  19. Watching this again to appreciate the OoT theme cover. So metal to another level

  20. Fallout 3 sounds like Spider-Man theme with Andrew Garfield

  21. You know it about to get emotional when he busts out the flute

  22. I liked the part where his guitar went "wah wah"

  23. When you realize that one of your favorite games is older than you

  24. (Gangplank galleon starts playing)
    My brain: Air guitar

  25. Disliked for not including any CoD them.

    Then liked for the performance.👍

  26. Just came back to this after I randomly remembered it, had to have been years since I thought of it. Still as amazing as I remembered it tho fs

  27. You missed Doom/Quake, really important games for 3D graphics at the time and some already sick music.

  28. You forgot castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

  29. No Doom or Duke 3D? Sacrilege! Otherwise brilliant!!!

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