Replay (2019): A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games -

Replay (2019): A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games

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Replay (2019): A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games
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My 2014 release of Replay quickly became my most popular video and five years later remains among my top watched videos each week. It was awesome to see so many people enjoying it since I was so passionate about that project. Yet five years later, there’s 5 more years to tack on to the end to create an accurate portrayal of the history of video games!

The first Replay was made under an insane time crunch of one week, so it had many issues and though I was really proud of it, there were a lot of reasons I wanted to remake it. This time I had much more time to not only get the green screen looking better, but really be able to give each part of the project as much time as it needed to be the best I could make it.

The most critique I received on the first one was about my choices of games for each year. A lot of those songs were based on my own preference and flow ability of keys and time signatures. This Replay was made not only to be a more accurate representation of influential game soundtracks, but made to include some of the most tracks people said they missed in the comments.

I’m sure there will be plenty of other songs that you guys would have wanted, but I hope you guys can respect the insane amount of time, thought, and energy went into this project! Thank so much for watching and I hope you enjoy!

Song List:

0:05 1972 Pong
0:12 1975 Gunfight
0:15 1976 Breakout
0:27 1977 Indy 500
0:33 1978 Space Invaders
0:44 1979 Asteroids
0:53 1980 Pac-man
1:01 1981 Frogger
1:08 1982 Dig Dug
1:25 1983 Spy Hunter
1:42 1984 Tetris
2:08 1985 Super Mario Bros.
2:39 1986 The Legend of Zelda
3:10 1987 Final Fantasy – Prelude
3:43 1988 Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily Stage 1
4:05 1989 Duck Tales – The Moon
4:26 1990 F-Zero – Mute City
4:52 1991 Sonic The Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone
5:30 1992 Kirbys Dreamland – Green Greens
6:00 1993 Doom – E1M1
6:35 1994 Earthbound – Home, Sweet Home
6:58 1995 Chrono Trigger
7:26 1996 Pokemon Red & Blue
7:54 1997 Castlvania: Symphony of the Night – Dracula’s Castle
8:32 1998 Metal Gear Solid
8:55 1999 Silent Hill (typo in video, not SHII)
9:24 2000 Diablo II – Tristram Village
9:50 2001 Halo
10:25 2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
10:57 2003 Call of Duty
11:37 2004 World of Warcraft
11:57 2005 Shadow of the Colossus – Revived Power
12:32 2006 Wii Sports
13:15 2007 Portal – Still Alive
13:44 2008 Super Smash Bros Brawl
14:12 2009 Minecraft – Living Mice
14:50 2010 Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission
15:18 2011 Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
15:42 2012 Xenoblade Chronicles – You Will Know Our Names
16:18 2013 Fire Emblem: Awakening – Id Purpose
16:46 2014 Shovel Knight – Strike The Earth
17:13 2015 Undertale – Megalovania
17:38 2016 Overwatch – Victory Theme
18:01 2017 Persona 5 – Life Will Change
18:30 2018 Octopath Traveler – Decicive Battle II
19:05 2019 Devil May Cry V – Devil Trigger

Guest Vocals for Portal and Devil Trigger by Adriana Figueroa! ()


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A huge shoutout and dedication to my amazing roommates Jack Fliegler, Corey Dyer, Delcake, and Adriana Figueroa. Without the help of these four, this medley would have absolutely not happened.


Instruments Used:

Lead Guitar: Ernie Ball Majesty Monarchy Series
Rhythm Guitar: Schecter Multiscale C-7
Bass: Schecter Diamond-J 5

Interface: Axe-Fx III
Mixer: Makie ProFX12
Microphone: Shure SM7B + Audio Technica AT2020
Audio Software: Cubase 10
Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Video Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5s

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  1. That's got games older than my old ass on it! Took me down memory lane, thanks for that. I coulted 19 games I have loved in that medly.

  2. Only correction: That was SIlent Hill 1 not 2 though. This minor thing aside I would buy any full lenght OST cover you would do especially Chrono Trigger <3

  3. No Street Fighter 2

    But make no mistake, still awesome.

  4. Kind of a shame how you missed Goldeneye and Team Fortress 2, but all together it was well made.

  5. That pitch bend in xenoblade chronicles – chef's kiss

  6. Overwatch made it on this list but not TF2? The injustice!
    Oh well…

  7. This was awesome!! But a bit disappointed there was no Metroid and Terraria tho.. I feel that those deserve a place in video game history aswell

  8. Hearing those first few notes of Nerevar Rising will never get old.

  9. I did not realize a power metal remix of Still Alive was something I needed until today.

  10. The singing in Still Alive was a brilliant touch!

  11. Man, now I really want a full metal version of Dracula’s Castle from Symphony of the Night. Amazing.

  12. Finally, someone pays homage to the most bad-ass game ever made, DOOM!

  13. The You Will Know Our Names part was beautiful! Love seeing Xenoblade recognition.

  14. I think ending it with the Victory Theme from Final Fantasy 7 Remake would have been hilarious and just perfect.

  15. You sick, SICK man. That was the shi… MEGA MAN 2!? Ooh, you fucked up, son, you really fucked it all up.

  16. This is amazing. You should make extended full versions of each song 🙂

  17. Where is street fighter and or mortal kombat

  18. Fuckin Halo and Mass Effect almost brought tears to my eyes.

  19. I absolutely love the transition from kirby to fricking doom

  20. There's some choices I don't understand but damn this was excellent !

  21. Not expecting vocals on still alive, the singer dies a great job at replicating that robotic voice. The rest was great too, but that bit was my fav.

  22. Shadow of the Colossus into Wii Sports really got me

  23. Songs you should have added
    DK rap
    Coconut mall

  24. My ears are bleeding after this but it was definitely worth it

  25. I hate 2019 becasue it was an unluckiest year

  26. Doom seems a bit superfluous since it's sound track was already pretty metal. But, this is awesome!

  27. Just one sega Genesis game?

    Disappointed… But still, most excellent!!!

  28. Around the 16 minute mark I was really feeling it.

  29. Bro the fricken Kirby remix slapped so hard, any chance to make that a full medley?

  30. Replay 2019 is here! With more years comes more games and I took into account many of the criticisms on the first Replay in this one to bring some of the most influential games one year at a time to best represent the history of gaming since it's birth in 1972. Thank you so much for watching!

    If you can believe it, the ENTIRE medley has FULL TABS that are available to my Silver Level Patreon Supporters! Thank you so much for your support! They make it possible for me to make videos like this one! ❤

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