Replay – The 2018 Halloween Spooktacular -

Replay – The 2018 Halloween Spooktacular

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Reiner is joined by Reeves, Leo and JoOoeEe JuUubaAaA ring in All Hallow’s Eve with a chatty look at one of the greatest horror games of the PS2 era.


  1. I love these. Game Informer, don't ever change, unless the change is more content.

  2. Imagine this! Fatal Frame in PSVR! You hold up the controller to your face to ready your camera, hit R1 to take picture. Awesome! Well, it would be awesome but there are lights on the VR headset that you are probably blocking when you hold up the controller to your face…

  3. "Ghosts are agraid of cameras"
    Confirmed: ghosts are amish

  4. If you read the Hobbit, it explains why it's called Sting.

  5. wasn't there a Fatal Frame on 3DS? was that any good?

  6. Why no one is talking about how sexy the girls are in this game. Is it because their lolis 😂

  7. God no America no don't make a movie of this game like death note. Lol I like it only if I see it as a spin off & not a retelling of the TV series or manga.

  8. Do people just peruse YouTube videos to click the dislike button? There is no way anyone would honestly dislike this video. If you clicked on it, you knew what you were getting into.

  9. Ben Reeves stand up was preeeetty, preeeetty, preeeetty, preeeetty good.

  10. The photos from the sword camera from the LOTR look really…………………sharp……

  11. you guys need to do a super replay of this or fatal frame 2. PLEASE!

  12. can you let dan tack be on an episode of replay 🙁

  13. Was there something wrong with Tim Turi's mic? I mean he looks great in his robe and skeleton mask, but he never says anything.

  14. Nintendo owns this series now so you guys are stuck. I liked Wii U one a lot so thats fine by me.

  15. "Cops are scary. They're like real world ghosts."
    -Leo Vader

  16. This is probably the scariest game I've ever played.

  17. This game is awesome, effective and scary but this is the first time it's not good for Super Replay. Guys joking and talking through the game makes it lose all what makes the game great. I love the game, love these dudes but I have to admit, Super Replay won't work here.

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