Revisiting OLD Halloween REALMS from ROYALE HIGH 🎃 -

Revisiting OLD Halloween REALMS from ROYALE HIGH 🎃

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0:00 Intro
1:47 2017 Autumn Town
8:28 2018 Royalloween Earth
17:13 2019 Autumn Earth

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  1. I remember back in 2018 whenever I would join a new earth the first thing I would do is say ,"spooky scary skeletons and shivers down your spine", I didn't spam it, just say it once

  2. oh in 2018 there was the witches on the broomsticks i believe if im thinking correctly.

  3. I missed the 2017 Halloween since I joined roblox in 2018 but the 2018 map is still definitely a favorite

  4. i started playing in 2020, I didn't know we would have a Halloween update tbh i would be happy with any of these maps !

  5. Callmehbob i proved SOOO much in building! and now she has a huge team and everything. its amazing. the builds now in Rh are super amazing and detailed 😀

  6. This is amazing content your very underrated.Keep up the great work 💕💕

  7. bro I really miss how earth looked in 2019 for halloween, hope they design earth for halloween again

  8. Omgosh I’m early!! Hello!♥︎♡︎

  9. I found a game that you can visit a fanmade version of the new autumn town and halloween 2018 Castle

  10. It’s the nostalgia for me

  11. And this is the story why……

    Royal high

    Convinced you to get diamonds

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