Roblox game tries to be scary but it's REALLY BAD... -

Roblox game tries to be scary but it’s REALLY BAD…

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today I play hospital slenderman which is Roblox’s scariest game ever lol


  1. Tf the ad of the shampoo wasn’t Shapmooo it was Laser thing and everything it is not hurt even he can make a goat not sick tf is that ad and then another ad idk it said flamingo~. Shampoo buy it. Then flamingo video come is YouTube drunk

  2. fun fact: i wake up it are dream are dream the dream the

  3. Tbh this game is better then the other roblox horror games like it

  4. by the way (btw) you need epic code and i will get the get the sausage

  5. dis is not blood dis is ketchup it just prank

  6. 0:10
    Albert:Big version….:)…………Big one…………..

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