Room Tour 2018 (Video games, anime, toys and more) -

Room Tour 2018 (Video games, anime, toys and more)

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In today’s video I decide it’s time for a new room tour! Lot’s has changed in the last couple of years, hope you all enjoy.

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  1. For some reason I died at 15:44 prob cause the whole world knows he got em no shame in that tho o just cringe easy

  2. Your room is sick my guy
    Also I appreciate your inclusion of a Saber Figure

  3. that little room is a sanctuary for the video games fans. really good work collecting all those masterpieces of the gaming world. still collecting more and more and make a spiritual temple for your followers. good luck, I am Nahuel from Argentina. bye

  4. Extremely impressive collection, awesome!

  5. Pretty cool room but hey this give me a whole lot of inspiration since i fcked up my room with a lot of figures

  6. You my friend are a hoarder, and I love it

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