Room Tour 2018 (Video games, anime, toys and more) -

Room Tour 2018 (Video games, anime, toys and more)

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In today’s video I decide it’s time for a new room tour! Lot’s has changed in the last couple of years, hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Your collection is cool do you have every console

  2. You, my friend, are a man of culture! You have a lot of stuff that can afford because I'm broke af!

  3. Also, can you do a separate Anime Collection Video?

  4. Have you seen or heard of DARLING in the FranXX?

  5. Amazing collection and room tour. I just finished 2018 room tour as well. Took me long enough. Check it out. Liked and subbed.

  6. Cool collection you have I did a video of my collection and a video of my millennium falcon that had 100 parts and a video of build r2 d2 that has 100 parts so I will be doing more videos of build r2 d2 each time I get a the magazine with the parts

  7. And I will be doing review videos of other collectables

  8. Your room looks pretty good keep up the good work

  9. When you opened the door, it was like rays from heaven came through the screen 📺

  10. Cool i plan to do mine in 2019 since it doesn't have much right now
    Love the collection though really want that biohazard statue but its very expensive i think it's at least $700 but due to the size i can see why
    Also got a pre owned little busters fridge it is tiny but perfect for my anime and game room so yeah my room could never fit a full size fridge glad i have a kitchen for that

  11. Dude awesome room! Me and you would totally get on. I also love anime, retro gaming and collecting for them both too! Do you watch The Game Chasers?

  12. You my friend are a hoarder, and I love it

  13. Pretty cool room but hey this give me a whole lot of inspiration since i fcked up my room with a lot of figures

  14. Extremely impressive collection, awesome!

  15. that little room is a sanctuary for the video games fans. really good work collecting all those masterpieces of the gaming world. still collecting more and more and make a spiritual temple for your followers. good luck, I am Nahuel from Argentina. bye

  16. Your room is sick my guy
    Also I appreciate your inclusion of a Saber Figure

  17. For some reason I died at 15:44 prob cause the whole world knows he got em no shame in that tho o just cringe easy

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