Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi play Alan Wake (Halloween 2018) -

Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi play Alan Wake (Halloween 2018)

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Sam Lake (Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment) and Ilkka Villi (actor, Alan Wake) play Remedy’s spookiest game, Alan Wake, to celebrate the spookiest month of the year, October.

Streamed on Twitch on Halloween, 2018. Two men. One controller. One video game.

Happy 9th anniversary of Alan Wake! Use the hashtag #9yearsofAlanWake on social media to share your favorite moments with the game.

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  1. Alan Wake was my first psychological horror game I ever played we all hope that you make Alan Wake 2 or at least in the meantime a Alan Wake 1 remastered would be nice maybe that would be a good idea to try to get new fans into the series

  2. Hey. huge fan of everybody on remedy the best games ive played are from Remedy! Hoping to see Alan Wake 2 in some point. Love to everybody!

  3. Seriously I could die happy if Alan Wake got a sequel. This was an amazing story. Sorry it didnt get more recognition.

  4. Wow, Ilkka Villi speaks staggeringly un-accented English. Why didn't he just do the voice acting?

  5. Dang it missed the live ;-;
    Watching every thing now

  6. It's been a while since there was any mentions of AW TV show. Any news since the announce?

  7. Диванный Фельдмаршал says:

    Alan Wake 2…please wake up!!!

  8. How can both legends, Max Payne and Alan Wake, sit on the same couch 🙀
    Would love to be able to shake hands!

  9. alan wake 2 for xbox 2 maybe? please! sam lake!? 😆 p.s. where can i get that cauldron lake blend coffee?

  10. Goddamn Sam Lake Still Looks So Handsome 😮 😊 😎

  11. New game has a clicker as a pre order. ❤

  12. With so many game been remake, resident evil 2, destroy all humans, doom, etc.
    wish remedy remake max payne 1

  13. Max Payne 4 maybe? Also seeing Sam Lake in person is weird.

  14. Not talk about Alan Wake 2? ALAN WAKE 2!!111!!!111oneoneoneeleveneleven

  15. Alan Wake is still stuck in the Black Lod- I mean in the lake.

  16. Yeeeeeah, best atmosphere in games! Alan Wake!

  17. Amazing game that started my achievement/trophy gaming habit because they were easy to get in AW, hehe…

    A sequel is needed yesterday!

  18. guys what're you waiting for ? where is a new version of AW ?

  19. Alan Wake 2 llegara cuando tenga que llegar, estoy convencido de ello, y todavía tengo esperanzas.

  20. Pax Payne and Alan Wake in same room. Most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life.

  21. Max payne and alan wake sitting together

  22. I know I'm 9 years late for a Alan Wake party, just finish the game this year cause got It as Epic free games but wow. Damn. I wish I knew this game sooner.
    Just finished Control, Quantum Break next.
    Remedy Entertainment is now my fav game dev.

  23. Who still owns Alan Wake on disk and how many of these still work mine still works

  24. If it's gonna be something better over Alan Wake, I would love to see a sequel game. But if it's gonna repeat old stories please don't mind to wake up Alan Wake legend. Just let it be.

  25. Hope they can make alan wake 2
    Its a masterpiece
    Come on make it happen 🥺

  26. I’m pretty sure that thermos on the right is an Altered Item.

  27. This stream was surreal. Watching the developers of my favorite horror game, play my favorite horror game. Like watching gods play with their creation. Love y’all.

  28. Great video 😁 come to my chanel Twoje GRY 🙂

  29. Illka speaks english so fluently, I wonder why they didnt have him also voice Alan. As much as I love Matthew Porretta's voice acting.

  30. Remedy games is one of the best developers that there is i am playng control right now and its awesome remedy shoud never stop making games.

  31. Hi, I am a huge fan of Alan Wake, can you guys please make another series of Alan Wake 2. Honestly, this game has a great Storyline. Please, DON'T add Zombies or Mutants for the new Alan Wake series. 🙂

  32. I wonder if Ilkka wears the Alan Wake jacket much since he is the Alan Wake character. If I met Ilkka in real life I'd probably call him Alan Wake lol

  33. Я проходил алена вейка за 11 часов, это нормально?

  34. I wish I would have been when they did this live 🙁

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