Sea of Solitude: Official Teaser Trailer | EA Play 2018 -

Sea of Solitude: Official Teaser Trailer | EA Play 2018

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When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters. That’s what happened to Kay. But she’s not alone – this ocean is full of creatures just like her. Finding them may be the key to changing her back.

Sea of Solitude is an upcoming third-person exploration game from Jo-Mei Games. Join Kay as she navigates the waters of heartache, empathy, and hope.

Coming in early 2019. Visit the sea at


  1. Watching trailer 4,99$

    Like my comment for only 7,49$

  2. Francisco Erivan Araújo do Nascimento says:

    Did anyone see any superb technical reason for it not to be on Switch? Neither did I.

  3. looks like a mix of Limbo with Monument Valley!

  4. I can't wait for 8 DLC's, each costing $50, and the micro transactions for slightly different hair colors.

  5. This gives me a mix of Zelda twillight princess/wind waker vibes!

  6. Hairy, possible feathery Pusy .., anyone ?

  7. 667 comment.
    i will break and say it looks dumb

  8. Let me jus-

    (EA) Do you want to finish this comment

    Yes: $999 No: $99999

    (EA) Do you want to leave YouTube?

    yes:47284 no: 38383848338

  9. The graphics kind of similar to Journey and RiME but still excited af. 🔥

  10. Why did EA cross the road?

    Buy the dlc to find out

  11. Junkies prayer by johnny cash Is the melody to this, looks good tho

  12. This looks like "Submerged" ripoff. And i mean, look, this is exactly that game. A girl who is lonely swimming in boat around monsters, while doing some puzzles and amost-parkour. Also similar to "Toren". Both mentioned games were meh, making a copy of meh game is, well, meeeeeeh? Here is russian review link:

  13. EA stop making games your games are trash

  14. a game about a hairy booty girl that wants ween

  15. I hope it gets a port for the switch later on.

  16. i'm wondering how EA can implement microtransactions into this game.

  17. the game is out! WIll play this this weekend! Cannot wait!

  18. Sea of solitude summed up in one word…. Shooooo 😂

  19. EA. Don't buy. Don't rent. Don't have anything to do with the game.

  20. Where's the actual gameplay? Did they forget they were making GAMES!

  21. The textures are not my idea of fun, but will try them out.

  22. win 10 only?…that went well didnt it lmao…we didnt upgrade to the i-spy os ,we simply ignored all your games..byebye EA.

  23. 100% it on EA Access. It's like Rime meets Concrete Genie with Bound storyline.

  24. No sound of it so far.. We are in March 2020.

  25. This game looks really interesting.

  26. Shame this game didn't turn out as cool as I thought it was going to be. The concepts would have made an epic adventure fighter/RPG but ended up falling really short

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