SPACE HULK: The Video Games (1993-2018) Review -

SPACE HULK: The Video Games (1993-2018) Review

Oliver Harper
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A review of all the SPACE HULK video games from 1993 to 2018.

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  1. I have space hulk 3rd edition, painted and all. I really enjoy it and wouldn't mind getting 4th edition.

  2. I had this on the Sega Saturn back in the day I enjoyed it but I was far too young to appreciate the tactics and game mechanics.

  3. So there's actually decent stuff in the 3DO

  4. Really wish deathwing was on Xbox I was looking so forward to it and am a big fan of vermintide it really makes no sense to have it on pc and PlayStation at least on all consoles the game would at least live longer sorta like what happen to predator

  5. Mechanicus and Necromunda are really cool too if you cant get enough of Warhammer 40k

  6. I’ve got the original board game from 80s and the expansion set. I also had the mobile version on my phone back in 2009 ish. Used to play it on the way to work when mobile games were a fairly new thing. It was top down only view and played the same as board game was good. Was an old flip top Motorola phone lol.

  7. Great review and a cool new direction for your channel

  8. I still have my first edition Space hulk with the Genstealer and deathwing expansions, i also have a book that was released that added rule sets for additional races, i have fond memories of pitting my Grey knight squad against my friends Chaos terminators, and back then Grey knights were stupidly broken so campaign only ever allowed a 5 man squad of them.

  9. I had the Deathwing- Enhanced Edition on my wishlist on Steam and got when was on discount. I love it to bits. Sure it is not perfect, but the atmosphere from a FPS perspective is bang on. The details on the environment are simply breathtaking

  10. I had it for the Play Station, and, I don't think I ever got past the first mission, despite spending HOURS on it.

  11. Oh look at that, thought it was only movie reviews.

  12. I think 40K Space Marine took a lot of inspiration from 80's SciFi, obviously those being: Aliens, Terminator and Robocop. There was a expansion pack for Space Crusade that had a giant 2 legged robot that was a total ripoff off ED209 from Robocop for eg. There is no denying the characters in W40K are very cool and im surprised we havent had a hollywood film of it yet, maybe when the superhero fad dies out in the next 40+ years we might be lucky.

  13. Ah Space-Hulk…. I remember Seeing Vengeance of the Blood Angles on PS1…. I never played it since…. I was young back in 1995 and the Gene-stealers always scare me…… But when I started playing Dawn of War back in 2013 I grew a fascination with the Warhammer 40K universe, and learned Space-Hulk was in the same Universe.

  14. The PS1 space hulk left a pretty strong impression on me back then. I was quite happy to finally get Space Hulk DeathWing all these many years later. One of my fav online games to play, even if it does have some serious stuttering issues.

  15. Very well made run through of all the games. I’ve played them all , and although I like everyone , my favourite is still the one for the Amiga 500 , closely followed by Deathwing. As a sidenote , I also like Space marine for PC. I know it’s more of a space crusade game , but it fills some of the holes in my inner 12-year old boys action thirst. Thx for upload my good man.

  16. I had it on the Sega Saturn (still got it up in the loft) could never get anywhere on it

  17. Hi, I have the mobile game JAR file. It was released. It was a MIDP MIDlet. No physical release and not N-Gage specific though it should run on that. It's actually really good, it's just the regular boardgame, on a mobile.

  18. The Full Control version was horrible though, so buggy it was unplayable on anything other tan PC. The Mac version was unplayable. The Vita version (still available) and iPad versions (no longer available due to lack of 64 bit update) also unplayable – especially because the UI was not changed to suit touch controls, so it was impossible to press the buttons.

  19. in depth again .love it .in a league of your own oliver

  20. Such a great IP, which deserves to reach mainstream success

  21. yeah, I stoped playing Hulk because I ran out of friends who would indulge me.
    the 3DO version was far superior to the PlayStation port.

  22. Special mention for the 40K video games Deathwatch (which is very much like turn based Space Hulk in many regards) though the maps are more open; Dawn of War II Retribution (which includes several missions set aboard a space hulk, and which like the original game offers options to play the mission with other factions like the Eldar or Imperial Guard); and Kill Team (where orks have repurposed part of a space hulk as an assault fortress, and where the player(s) discover the bowels are infested with tyrannids).

    This is completely aside from other video games inspired by Space Hulk (and/or Cameron's Aliens film more generally), of which there are quite a few!

  23. GREAT video man. LOVE that you started with the old board games! I think we're from the same era, I too played the Amiga one and loved it, still holds up as one of the best. Then it was PS1 for me, which was also awesome. After that I've not found one yet that captures the same incredible tense and tactical atmosphere, as the series seems to have lost something. Or maybe I've just not come across the right version yet?

  24. Blood Bowl is where it's at! Always been my go to GW game, physical or digital. Rue the day if you ever meet my halfling team on the field!! "For cake and fizzy pop"!!

  25. Thank you for a great review. I played the boardgame for years but also switched to the computer version due to games taking forever to set up and forgetting the rules. I have not played Tactics yet, but my clear fave is Ascension. I use the games video options to make the game a bit more visible. I like that it is hard to play but I also make sure to build up my spacemarines with skills before going for the top levels. You can custom your mission, which is a nice touch. Can´t wait to play Tactics! 🙂

  26. Played 40K tabletop for a decade and the first two Dawn of War games. Never played any version of Space Hulk.

    Genestealers are supposed to be a tough match for Terminators in close combat because they move fast and have rending claws, but they were a glass cannon – hit hard, but died easy.

    Being massively outnumbered is fine and accurate, but for game balance (and flavor) the Terminators should be hard to bring down.

  27. Great review Oliver, thank you.
    From where did you source the live action footage at 2:13?

  28. Will you review alien vs predator in the future

  29. You forgot Space Crusade and Alien Assault (which is a very very good Space Hulk clone). Played them all. Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels is by far the best one of the GW releases, superior to all before and after, wish they remade it properly. Alien Assault is 2nd place in my opinion better than any GW PC board game put out, you can also mod it to be Space Hulk.

  30. Here's a bit of lessor known trivia. There was another Space Hulk style game called Dark Crusade. This was long before the RTS. The game was scrapped after only a few levels were made, some PC gamer magazines had a full page ad for it. Many of the FMV sequences were reused for Warhammer Final Liberation.

    It's hard to tell much from the screenshots. But I believe you were to play in a regular squad of Space Marines fighting Ork and Chaos forces.

  31. Don’t say “programmers” say “developers”

  32. I was actually a big fan of the Space Hulk: Ascension game. It was my introduction to the series (but I have played other 40k games before) and I loved the hardcore atmosphere. And now you can't even purchase it anymore, what a shame!

  33. Space Hulk II Vengeance of the Blood Angels will always be one of my favorite games of all time on the PS1. Careful planning, and trying my best to not lose a single squadmate. I ended finishing the campaign with zero deaths. Up until now, I was not able to find a Space Hulk game that brings that visceral feel of tight hallways crammed with unimaginable horror in every corner. Taking different perspectives of squadmates and ordering them to one point and pray they reach there in one piece. The recent Space Hulk and Space Hulk Tactics were okay but didn't satisfy my thirst for worthy successor for that game. The gimmick FPS cams kinda ticked me off. Deathwing, man there's so much potential but falls short.

  34. I completely agree with Vengeance of the Blood Angels being way too hard. I had it on PC as a kid and could never get past the first mission either. The graphics were very cool at the time though, and the sound design was brilliant.

  35. The single best 40k game hands down is the 3rd person game W40k: Space Marine! I'd happily live in a universe where bargain basement developers were never used to pump out low quality, mass produced smartphone trash, in favor of a sequel to 40kSM!

  36. This is the best review out – after watching, I got ahold of Ascension. Its definitely a lot of fun but needs more story

  37. Would love to have your thoughts on Bloodbowl

  38. Wasn't Space Hulk 1993 came out on PC98?

  39. I like Space Hulk Tactics but as many others the difficulty puts me of in the long run.

  40. A very good retrospective here Oliver. I just wanted to add a note about Tactics, the servers across all platforms were taken down within 6 months of the launch of the game with no word as to why, from what I could see, which annoyed me and a friend, who both bought it for the intention of playing against each other, deeply disappointing.

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