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Spider-Dan (Spiderman PS4)

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the brand new Spiderman PS4 game is out!! Let’s become the hero we always wanted to be..

Intro Theme song “Alive” by Warbly Jets
Listen here:

More about Warbly Jets here:


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  1. this is my 3nd time watching this series. gets better and better

  2. I remeber watching these when I was younger and now dans a dad dude time flies

  3. Cinimatics are so cool and — YOU CAN KICK CHAIRS!!! so cool

  4. My friend beat this over night the day before then finished it the day after he started

  5. dan i have neveer seen a play staion game look this good me thinks about spiderman miels morales

  6. I'm literally playing the same Spider-Man game right now i i l

  7. Spider Dan spider Dan does whatever videos he can spider Dan catches all the dabs he can watch out he is a spiderdan

  8. im not going to really make this a series ( 2 seconds later ) im exsited to make this a series

  9. Dan: For a non-PC game to look this good Im blown away
    Me: Bro, sony made the playstation and spiderman what'd you expect?

  10. Dan tdm your vids our amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  11. Not me watching this for the fifth time getting ready for the next spider man movie 🎥 in 2022 I can’t wait to watch the spider man no way home with tobey maguire Andrew Garfield and Tom holland

  12. i never saw this game
    me acctually buyed it 3 days ago*
    oh nice


  14. Spider man’s powers are not just webs, just saying, there’s spidey sense, super strength, super speed, super reflexes, super durability, healing factor, and being very sticky on command

  15. I play that game too on PS4 actually

  16. I mean I’ve finished that game already

  17. Spider-man is my favourite hero to I hope you continue this series:)

  18. Dan: how can the graphics be this good on a playstation game??
    Forza horizon 5: am i a joke to you?

  19. cant believe its been 3 years since i last watched this.

  20. Rewatchin this vid dan dosent care bout the story line he cared that you can kick chairs

  21. The person below who just saw spider-man jump out his window and goes to investigate and finds out who spider-man is

  22. 31:37 “Ooh you’re gonna make me do homework?? This is an action gameee.”

    1 second later: “OOOH”

  23. “I probably won’t be committing to this as a series though”

  24. Oh my god i just relized he was wearing the spidey underwear and then you get to wear it as a suit too

  25. dan: its so cool the slo mos the cinematics, YOU CAN KICK CHAIRS!!!!!!!

  26. Who else is re-watching because this series was amazing?

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