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Spider-Man: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

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Spider-Man (2018, PS4) is taking the world by storm and is filled with things to discover. Here are some beginner tips to get you started.
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  1. The best thing to do as a begginer is unlocking the tricks skill which gives you EXP will swinging, helps getting to that level a lot quicker

  2. Great tips, thanks. Word on the street says there’s another SM game coming out in the future. Interesting.

  3. U can web enemies to the ground too. Hold square to uppercut a guy, tap triangle a few times, then hold triangle to web them to the ground. Once u master it, it really helps.

  4. Thanks you teach us how to play and I subscribe and l click the bell

  5. "I am supposed to tell you who I am. I will show you instead." I own a PlayStation 4 Pro.

  6. When I started playing I chose the hardest mode and in fights I would be doing fine but as soon as it got tough my Arkham instincts kicked in and instead of using the circle button I would keep trying to use triangle and just get hit , also I forget that you can jump in this game and not just have to stay in the ground

  7. Yeah I got game of the year on Black Friday and never really used gadgets until the dlcs

  8. Can you start the game over without losing the suits u got

  9. This was my first fighting game I’ve played probably since PS3, and its one of my favorites!! I love this game

  10. I am squeezing every Morsel of content out of this game I have done the main quest, district completions, all dlc and their district completions, I have all the trophies except for new game plus ones and I have all the skills, maxed out gadgets, and all I have to do now is beat the game again on ultimate difficulty and get one more secret photo I’m loving this game so much!

  11. As I realized there were no restrictions on the world I unlocked all the radio towers immediately. Ps does anybody feel frustrated when an enemy is pounding away on you and he practically drains most of your life and you take him down with a web up?

  12. Being in the air is good unless there are enemies with RPGs.

  13. I mostly stayed on the ground it helped me perfect my dodge

  14. Im screwed when i start playing that game again ive been playing so much assassins creed and the combat is so much different

  15. The only game where I completed 100% achievements incl. DLC on my PlayStation xD

  16. “If you wanna have a quickie then just web a guy to a wall” …… ok bro

  17. It’s gonna be awesome. That’s all you need to know buddy

  18. One of my favourite games that I completed fully. An addictive game!

  19. | What Is That Freakinn Song In The Backround!!??? 😭

  20. Just started playing this game, what an exclusive not to miss out

  21. This is my biggest question does it have a new game plus mode where you can start the game with all your upgrades and then work on getting more while you're playing

  22. Who also played it already but watched the video anyway?

  23. I'll buy the dude feels that wants to start the game just now

  24. Web blossom rocks. Jump into the middle on some guy with web strike takedown, and instantly do web blossom! Sometimes the fight ends before it starts. Love it…

  25. I’m watching while I’m 84% done with the game. Lmao

  26. The radio towers obviously copied the hacking from arkham asylum.

  27. One thing to note: As much as a pain in the rear some side missions are and how useless some of the moves are: Get them early and practice them.

    There's one battle way later you REALLY need to have all the aerial moves and the side missions help with the battle. It's something I thought was a pain in the rear until I went into the fight. It was much easier with that knowledge.

  28. I just bought a ps4 from a friend for $140.00 and this was the only game I bought. As soon as I finish I will be grabbing miles morales.

  29. What are u playing on ur graphics look nice 👍🏽. Nice vid btw

  30. I should be getting a ps4 tomorrow with the game

  31. Why did I see this video when I already finished like a month ago

  32. Do more side missions and landmark, backpack tokens to get more xp faster and get some new suits

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