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Spider-Man | 15 New Details You Need To Know

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is shaping up to battle God of War for the title of greatest first party tiltle of the year. On Septmebre the 7th spidy will be unleashed on the world and the hype machine is in full motion. Recently a press event gave us access to 2 hours of the game and here’s 15 details we’ve had confirmed should know about Spiderman on Ps4….

1. Made for the fans – Spot the easter eggs….everywhere
2. Unique Timeline – Things are a little different in this world
3. Mary Jane Watson – Journalist for the daily Bugle?
4. Mile Morales – Inspired by Barack Obama
5. References to previous Spider-man missions – From villains old and new
6. Super Villains Everywhere! – Why are they evil?
7. Craft Unlockable Suits – With unique powers
8. Upgrades and unlock – Pre-order bonus
9. Ability Tokens – Gotta catch ‘em all
10. Skill Tree – Webslinger, innovator, defender
11. Gadget Wheel – One for every occasion
12. Combat style – Fight your own way
13. Open World…After mission 1
14. See the sights – Take photos for memories
15. September 7 worldwide – Black Cat DLC coming soon


  1. if only it was Tobey Maguire as spiderman still 🙁

  2. Still gonna be mad if the symbiote suit isn't in the game. I'd also love it if Venom and Carnage are both in the game. You could unlock the symbiote by defeating Venom or helping Venom to defeat Carnage as what could amount to a seriously cool sidequest.

  3. Peter and Myles remind me of Flash and Kid Flash from DC

  4. Honestly if you said the creators used the embryos of puppies to write their plans… I’ll still buy it.

  5. I preordered the deluxe edition last night 👍🏻 hype

  6. I don't care for the Mary Jane thing. Hopefully it's really good.
    Mary Jane=batmobile

  7. My only concern is how they will take the dlc, will it be pay to get or free because it’s worth your 60 dollars

  8. when the villains ganged up on spidey, spidey saw the some flash and said "You?". Maybe its Iron Man? What do you think?

  9. Why does everyone insist on bringing up the "it's not an origin story" thing? There has never been a Spider-Man game where you play the origin story! I don't ever remember playing through the part where he comes home to find the bullet-ridden corpse of Uncle Ben.

  10. Can u sell a preorder game?
    Edit: or its stuck on your ps4 for ever

  11. Screw the avengers tower im going to Pop’s barbershop

  12. You and caboose are the only ones i watch about spiderman ps4

  13. Question who is this mile morales the brother of spider-man miles morales lol?

  14. I wish they would make an adult spiderman game with swearing and death

  15. Well spider man died in miles universe so does that mean he might die in this one

  16. I’m taking off next weekend so I’ll have a total of 6 days to no life this game

  17. Teacher: What are doing on your phone!
    Me: Ordering Spider-Man man… Why?
    Teacher:That's today?
    Teacher runs to Argos

  18. I dont even play on my ps4, i play on my xbox but i love this channel

  19. I feel obligated to dislike after that "Peter PARKERour" joke.

  20. “Wait, you?!”
    I’m thinking it’s a superhero version of the Green Goblin. That would be fucking amazing.

  21. He could be talking about green goblin

  22. Imagine being sleep and you hear spider loudly thud on your window


    PS4 > XBOX 1
    Insomniac’s Spider-Man > Fortnite , Red Dead 2 , A BUNCH MORE.

  24. Great vid. This vid made me realize how hard your job is great work

  25. Shaping up to battle God of War? There’s no battle there, God of War will slaughter Spider-Man.

  26. Face punch, nah. I’m more of a I spy guy.

  27. My theory is the last villain in the sinister six is Norman Osborn or Harry Osborn Aka Green Goblin

  28. Sucks there aren’t any symbiotes in the game

  29. MJ shure as hell ain't a VSmodel so she turned to journalism

  30. 45gb oh man looks like i need to delete some games 🙁 , but i preordered it 🙂

  31. Dammit they should have taken Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Peter Parker.. He would he perfect as both of them in this game.

  32. RIP to those who want this game but don’t have a PS4

  33. Is it worth getting a PS4 just to get this game?

  34. Reminder to self…. Book a day off work on Friday the 7th of September…. I may have to take a sick day.

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