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Spider-Man 2 (2004) vs. Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

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We compare the classic Spider-Man game to Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game to see how far we’ve come in the video game world!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Walkthrough (4K) – E3 2018

Watch more from E3 2018 here!

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  1. So in all these years the gameplay is virtually the same and no innovation. Graphics have improved tremendously but that’s about it I guess.

  2. We need the return of the << oh no my balloon!>>

  3. I better be able to deliver pizza in this new spider boy game or I'm not buying it.

  4. SM2 is my favourite SM game. Its awesome! Why didn't you compare amazing SM 2 game instead?? Thatbwould made more sense. Doing this makes you think that tour nor aware their are newer SM games and might as well have compared SM PS4 with SM v Kingpin… If you know what I mean

  5. Just imagine where we will be graphically 20 years from now.

  6. one thing i wish we could do is loopy loops but hopefully in the sequel we can.

  7. Spiderman 2 was great and theres no question that it was the best superhero games in its generation but Spiderman on Ps4, whoa is awsome men,,, very very big improvement… after a big disappoinment on Spiderman 3 games and big success of Batman arkham series, i switch side, from spidey game fans to batman game fans but i think this game will led me back to where i belong, an Spiderman game fans.

  8. Hopefully the new spidey game equals or surpasses SM2

  9. Spider-Man 2 is still the number Spider-Man game Spider-Man is just a marvel movie on tv

  10. This is the dumbest video on the internet.

  11. You're just making the og one look bad, the swinging gets totally different in the hands of a skilled player.

  12. That dlc with Black cat is gonna bring back some memories.

  13. Theres littarly scene every time you wanna beat up criminal and you the people just talk you cant even see their mouths open wish i always found really funny.

  14. I hope Spiderman ps4 will also have a suicidal construction worker who hangs on the edge of a high building over and over again.

  15. Spiderman 2 is kinda Cartoonish, while Marvel's Spiderman seems Serious in a manner of ways.
    You can just tell by comparing the combos in Spiderman 2 and Marvel's Spiderman.

    PS. Don't compare Full game to a Demo. You can never be too sure.

  16. Playing spiderman ps4 rn and honestly I think I wanna give spiderman 2 another play to see if nostalgia makes it any better!

  17. The only thing the old one has over the new, is the music. But i can say that for most games…

  18. There’s probably more polygons on one city block in the new game than the whole city in Spider-Man 2.

  19. Couldn't you at least learn to play Spider-man 2. Watching that gameplay was painful with how bad they were at swinging. They didn't even bother using any of the combat combos.

  20. Spiderman 2 web swinging looks more realistic tho

  21. I appreciate you doing this IGN. But whoever was play spider man 2 was horrible at it.

  22. Spiderman 2 has better web swinging than Spiderman PS4. Like if you agree.

  23. Webs actually wrapped and got smaller when swinging around buildings in Spider-Man 2. They don't in the new one. Spider-Man 2's web swinging will never be beaten.

  24. Why are you comparing 2004 game with a 2018 game???

  25. Not versus, becos 2004 it is old game , and spiderman 2018 it is new game

  26. Ah, I love how the Spider-Man 2 says the name of the neighborhood while you're swinging across NY. It's a shame that the new Spider-Man game is doesn't do that.

  27. Que buen juego era SPIDER MAN 2 todavía lo tengo

  28. Why would you ever comepare these two?like OHHH SPIDERMAN 2 IS BETTER OHHHH

  29. I truly missed Spider Man 2 until this new Spider Man game. I still love Spider Man 2.

  30. Do not get too influenced by the fancy animations of ps4

  31. The only thing that ruined spiderman ps4 is that the disc wasnt the complete edition, instead all the content is available for download "online" even the updates (That includes the Tobey suit) which kinda breaks the hope for people wanting to play it but cannot afford being online.

    This is the reason why DLCs, Updates, Online content ruins gaming. Think about GTA 5 for example, without internet, you wont be able to access its GTA online feature. Do people really think GTA 5 would be cool without its online content? No.

    I never played online (I dont own a PS4 either) so I really dont agree with game developers making more DLCs, season passes, updates, and this "MICROSHITSRACTIONS" thing, it just ruins people that focuses in single player offline gaming. The modern gaming industry just doesnt feel fair, offline gamers needs justice.

  32. In terms of graphics marvel 's spiderman wins but the real winner is spiderman 2 .

  33. What I loved about spiderman 2 that no other spiderman game has replicated for some reason was the fact that you could use the left and right triggers to shoot webs from which ever hand you wanted. It was actual Web shooting. You could aim where you wanted to shoot and shoot the Web and if you held the button, spider man would just hang there if you wanted or you could shoot one Web at one building with one hand and at another with the other hand and just hang there, or use those two website to sling shot, yes sling shot your self. It was magic. I wished spiderman ps4 would have done this, but instead they chose to follow the formula of every other spiderman games and have a one button swing….

  34. 2004: Wev'e made the BEST Spider-Man movie and game!

    2018: Hold my beer

  35. I'm so use to the Arkham games I'm having a hard time playing this new Spiderman game I keep dying

  36. remarkable that a 14 year older game both looks and play better

  37. Spiderman 2 will still remain the greatest to me

  38. Love both games but have to go with Spiderman 2 more nostalgic and had a better story imo

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