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Spider-Man 2018 – Part 5 – THE FACE OF EVIL

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Spider-Man is an action-adventure game set in an open world modern-day New York City and played from a third-person perspective. It features combat systems such as an aerial combat, spider sense and reflexes, and finishing moves. Spider-Man can push attacking enemies off of buildings, though Spider-Man will not let them fall, webbing them to the side of the building. The player will be able to use Spider-Man’s abilities such as web slinging and wall-crawling as well other gameplay elements, one of which will be the ability to traverse using parkour, and the crafting and use of gadgets and alternative suits with special powers. Environmental combat, quick time events and stealth will also be featured in the game. Peter Parker (outside of his Spider-Man suit) will be playable in parts of the game and Mary Jane Watson will be playable in “key moments” of the game.

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  1. Wouch, Plus I Feel Sorry For Miles' Father.

  2. TheRadBrad wasn't uploading videos fast enough or long enough lol
    So I came over! I'm glad I did 🙂
    Keep it up!

  3. Miles morales is the second spider man😭

  4. It is not a good Tmartn video without a mess up

  5. why did u say something multiple times like in the puzzle

  6. I think the dr is losing mobility in his right arm. He is making a right arm and he grabbed his right arm like something is wrong .

  7. Man we need more bosses like dr.otto like people will be happy in their job if they're boss will be like otto because then that builds extra trust and more people want to work with him and not goof off.

  8. Li was never under our nose Bc in every single trailer at all for the game and every other promotion he’s the main bad guy of the game.. lol

  9. When MJ said that Martin Li has the power to corrupt people I thought and Martin Li made innocent people to suicide bomb the ceremony in the last episode


  11. I’ve been watching tmartn for 4 years and he never fails to complete a sentence when talking😂

  12. # all the Daredevil places in Hell's Kitchen <3

  13. The devils breath is real called scopolamine. Its a drug that prevents you from making new memories while conscious.

  14. I really don’t like these all black suites or the all white. I really like the original ones better. I saw like 3 seconds of the next episode and he had on the same suite so I’m hoping he changes sometime next episode for real

  15. why did you say this dumbass when you were going to li’s Office??


  17. Yo Trev, this game is the same developer of Sunset Overdrive! Did you know that?

  18. You should point launch by pressing X while perching by tapping L2 and R2 in the city to make you go faster during swinging but you don’t ever use point launch but I’m ok with it

  19. Miles morales was later in spideys team web warriors with rhino,agent venom ,scarlet spider

  20. this game is perfect but if it had venom in it it would be MEGA perfect

  21. I must say, Mr. Li is inspired as a villain. Great work game devs.

  22. Don't really have anything to do? Didn't even do any side quests smfh

  23. So wasn't it in the second episode when he said he liked traveling around and was happy there weren't fast travel points. But now it seems like he is constantly looking for one

  24. Devils breath is like today's pandemic 😂

  25. In the movies miles father never died way are the movies different from the games and cartoons mavel is sometimes so confusing

  26. anyone in 2020?

    no one…?

    just me..?


  27. I've been going back rewatching videos and I thought that the boy was miles morales which is really funny

  28. I laughed when Trevor pronounced the vulture jammer “virtue jammer”

  29. Trev: is there a fast travel anywhere near this bad boy?
    Trev: Nope, not really
    Also Trev: misses the police station 3 blocks away from his objective

  30. Spider man had more backpacks then there are grades in school.

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