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Spider-Man – Game Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Spider-Man for the PS4.


  1. This is one of the best video games I've ever played.

  2. Really like your reviews! You point out id the game is fun! The most importent thing!

  3. Bruh, will you do a vid on "God of War"?

  4. I feel like it has the same problem as Uncharted. It looks coll but I'm not really doing anything complex, active or dynamic so it isn't very rewarding.

    Personally, my biggest problem is the combat system

    It felt like to me that Spiderman had a button to do everything. Want to disperse a large group? Just throw an object around? Want to deal with a melee weapon enemy? Just hold the square button? Want to deal with a shield? Just dodge and hit? A giant guy? Throw an object which is always readily available or web him a lot? Plus with the gadgets on top which are not based on different types of situations but keeping enemies at bay. Enemy variety is pretty small. If you mess up on one type of enemy the game is very forgiving as there isn't much consequence. I button mashed my way to victory. I even challenged myself to beat the fights with only my right hand and it went pretty well.

    I felt with Batman dealing with harder enemy types required more steps and inputs to continue your combo string which also rewards you as your hits become stronger the higher the count whereas with Spiderman I had no incentive to carrying on a combo and simply just worry about not getting hit even just by moving away from the crowd and waiting. For bladed enemies, you have to dodge for a period of time and then you are able to counterattack, making patience fundamental to carrying on your combo, but also helps create the feeling that you are Batman as he is not invincible and is human. Shielded enemies? I have to stun them first then take down the shield by double pressing X/A which adds in another button which is not primarily used in combat and specific to that enemy type, making it a multi-step process to beating them. Armoured enemies require you to press the stun button then beat down on them but also being aware of your surroundings to when beating down as enemies will come after you preventing you from going all out and effectively multitask and diverting focus at the right time. With the gadgets are suited to different situations and easy to switch to. Use the batclaw to bring them closer or a Batarang to stun or incapacitate. I never really needed to use Spidey's gadgets. And with the vast range of enemy types in the Arkham games with how drastically different the methods were to take them out it kind of outclassed Spidey's gallery.
    When you are able to be patient and exploit the enemy's weakness you are able to continue to combo which rewards you with stronger hits as I previously mentioned. Combat isn't as punishing as compared to Batman where you have to plan who and how you will attack them and if it fails you drop the combo which is pretty difficult and I'm still trying to get better. With Spidey I could mash on an enemy and then dodge out the way now and again to avoid getting hit. It a lot easier to get a 50x combo in Spider than Batman. I feel as if the game was trying to go for accessibility but limiting the difficulty and risk/reward.

    I felt that because of the vast difference of difficulties of the games I was able to complete all of the spiderman challenges and found myself getting bored with huge number waves of enemies whereas I still haven't completed all of the Batman stealth and combat challenges and still finding ways to ace them and meet the best rank. The spiderman combat is tuned to fit Spiderman's style but ultimately favours style with minimal input and sacrificing complex inputs and easier accomplished fluidity. It has a good base but can definitely develop and improved.

    Boss battles were very lame. The Negative Man train fight was basically an unprompted QTE, attacking and rinse and repeat. Giving the player freedom to move up the train themselves would've been much better. The 1 v 2 fights were poorly thought out. You could just focus on one enemy and the way to take them out while just dodging the other one and the focus on them when one was taken out. The final boss fight was very anticlimactic. All you had to do was swing around in the air and throw things back at Oct or shoot webs which could be refiled. Very awful boss fights.

    My second biggest problem is the story. I found it extremely simple and predictable which prevented me from becoming emotionally invested with the plot as it is being so predictable you knew how it was going to end. I'm not a very big fan of Spiderman so I wasn't familiar with his gallery of rogues so I thought Shocker and Electro were the same thing. And it was just padded out with such dumb stuff. Yuri Lowenthal is best VA.

    You could easily figure out who Martin LI, Octavious, and the connecting plot points were and I have very little knowledge of Spider-Man in general.

    The third party of Sable were really annoying and there to pad out the story and slow down Spidey's progression. All the elements implemented were all elements I've seen before and were uninspiring. Bein betrayed by role models, gimmicky hallucinations and here didn't introduce any new gameplay elements unlike in Arkham which was able to take advantage of this and implement another gameplay style, a coalition of a group of previous enemies led by the big bad, one or the greater good and the Miles b-plot didn't add anything at all besides unimaginative stealth sections, Octavious knowing about Parker, Martin and Li basically having the same motivations. Very poor story and writing but good in execution I'd say. When the enemies were releasing and the hallucination things heavily reminded me of Arkham as well.

    As for stealth, I thought it was very weak. Stealth is basically optional. I have no incentive to fully complete a room without being caught besides the few points in the story and challenges where it requires you to. Most of the time I just took out a couple enemies and most of the sniper to make combat a little easier and less time consuming for me. Even the taskmaster challenges you can c complete in less than a minute if you just figure out the correct path. It's made so easy because the range of Spidey's stealth attack is so long. I could be on a lamp post and enemy is on another platform and I could take him out with ease. There were not challenging scenarios at all. Spidey is slimmer and light on his feet so why was stealth so poor, easy and not a bigger part of the game.

    With Arkham games it urges you to complete it without being caught as engaging in combat with firearms is suicide as signalling the player you are not invincible and vulnerable despite being Batman allowing the character and gameplay to compliment each other. Batman's ways of taking down enemies consist of basically a perch takedown which is an instant takedown and a glide kick when you are perched up top. Using the glide kick is not instant and require an additional takedown move which takes time which causes the risk of being caught but can be sped up with an instant takedown but costs alerting enemies. This incentivises you to be smart, position yourself, seize opportunities and use gadgets to position enemies and take them down the most efficiently, quickly and stealthily.

    As for set pieces, they looked very nice and that's about it. Being filled with QTE tries to give the illusion you are doing something big and cool but in reality, you are not similar to Uncharted where it tries to make you look cool without doing anything technical yourself. IT looks cool but are not doing anything technically amazing with the buttons or much skill. I think these should've been left as cutscenes or integrate the gameplay better.

    I 100% the game. Not because I wanted to but because there's so little content. The backpack should've been able to be collected on the move. Side missions were pretty lame. The labs stuff was repetitive and the best thing to a Spiderman mission was the pigeons. Awful spiderbot stuff and boring science puzzles and MJ and MM is so boring it made me yawn and just want to be spiderman again.

    I thought web singing was very limited and you could face the destination and hold R2 and you would get there no problem. Swinging went for a more accessible approach. You can basically hold R2 and face the direction of you objective and you'll get there eventually. The trick system was bare bones. It's accessible but doesn't leave room for much depth for those who are experts and want to push the boundaries with major skill. It looks coll but as the player I wasn't very engaged similar to UC as all you are doing is hold R2 and press x sometimes.

    For combat, it was pretty good however but I hated the lock on system. You can try and direct it but the lock on has the final say which removes quite a bit of freedom. I also wish there were more ways to hit more than one enemy when you attack. And I wish there were more ways to interact with the environment and better gadgets to be implemented better.

    I also wish the story was much better linked to the gameplay by making timed missions to get to objectives or blocking off the side missions when a big urgent event happens. I wish the side missions and open world things were much better. It's just filled with all the boring things that every gamer has complained about in all open world games.

    I hope the build up on the good and rehaul the poor

  5. I was late to this game, but yes to everything you said

  6. I literally spent not even kidding like eight hours just swinging around the city after I 100% beat the game

  7. If you haven’t then please review Hellblade.

  8. This game is a masterpiece! The visuals, the gameplay, the story, the voice acting, and all of the little things that added to overall experience. I cried at the end. 😭

    Chris I had that same glitch happen to me. 😅

  9. this peter parker looks like if Tom Holland Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield lined up and got compressed into one

    like its has Andrew Hair, lean body and face, Tobey's facial features and tied off with Tom Holland's innocence

  10. So we’re getting a miles game now we just need the sequel to this game

  11. Has anyone noticed that the MJ in this game is a better Lois Lane than the actual actress who plays Lois Lane?

  12. My review on the best game of all time!

    Pros: Everything about the game.
    Cons: No cons in this game!

    Why Spider-Man PS4 is my favorite game of all time:
    – I absolutely love the Advanced Suit. It is my favorite Spider-Man suit ever.

    – The gameplay is a huge deal in Spider-Man games, and in Spider-Man PS4 it has the best gameplay in the world! Swinging around in New York feels so special in a positive way! I felt like Spider-Man.

    – And that ending, tho. Holy shit, I started crying like a goddamn baby.

    1,000/10 “God’s Best Work”

  13. Replaying rn before the new Miles game. I hope insomniac kills it once again. This story was one of the greatest Spider-Man stories in visual entertainment; shows, movies, games etc. Just such a treasure for fans!

  14. This game is definitely in my top 5 favorite games of all time

  15. Spiderman 2 on the PS2 was an amazing game. A big game in my childhood. It surprised the hell out of me. Even if all the NPCs looked like G-man.

  16. The only thing i hate about this game is playing as MJ

  17. Just rewatching this before buying Miles Morales Ultimate Edition for the PS5

  18. The fact that Spiderman got an 8.7 and fortnite got an 9.6 In ign makes me SICK

  19. You know, I have the same feelings you do! Tom Holland is my favorite live-action Spider-Man. But this version of Peter Parker played by Yuri Lowenthal…is the one I choose as the MOST accurate Spider-Man! You may be aware of Peter's new face in the remaster. A lot of people hate it, but I think it stays true to the character. Even though this Spidey is more experienced, the new face seems more appropriate for his general character and he's like only 23 in the game. So he's not exactly an "older" Peter Parker.

    PS: Spider-Man and Batman are also my favorite superheroes. Except Deadpool is equally my favorite Marvel character!

  20. Rewatching this review after the remastered version. The thing I loooooved about this game was it was it's own thing. The remaster KILLS that by making him look like Tom Holland. I liked that it was it's own universe not exactly connected to any movies, other than suits.

  21. First game I actually platinumed, am very proud of it too lol

  22. Damn true, I just recently bought the game and kinda reluctant but as soon as put it on.. God knows how awesome the game is.

  23. Also do u by any chance have a link to your production company website?

  24. 'Best portrayal of Peter Parker', my words exactly

  25. "That's capturing what makes Spider-Man, possibly my favorite superhero, it's always between him and Batman" I'VE NEVER RELATED WITH A STATEMENT MORE!

  26. Amazing Spiderman 1 is also a good underated game. Even amazing spiderman 2 isnt bad but obviously not at same level at this one. But those 2 set the tone for this one IMO

  27. Thanks for this. It came with my ps4 and I was afraid it was a title they had to get rid of. Whew!!!

  28. I consider the Raimi movies as comedies at this point. They’re fucking hilarious.

  29. The best Jameson quote was “Spider man beats up the mentally ill”

  30. That game was dope 💯 I can’t wait to play miles morales now

  31. Best spiderman video game of all time.

  32. Ecxept ign who have 9 most popular game revewers gave 7. I feel like companies that review games are very overly critacal. They should just have some fun

  33. I encountered the glitch where you get stuck in a building, funny thing is that it was in Doctor Strange’s sanctum santorum. I thought it was part of the game as an Easter egg lol

  34. I've only just started playing it, only just got the chance lmao. But I can't wait to get back to it this evening, it's an absolute delight to play.

  35. Just me or is that a ps5 controller in his hands

  36. 3yrs late due to parenting , so I'm doing a lotta catch up with the PS5 ..what an amazing addictive game.
    Looking at this footage makes me appreciate even more the 60fps/4k upgrade.
    My only gripe was the stealth sections otherwise a perfect fun and addictive game.

  37. The only problem I had with this game is the boss fights were easier,I played in amazing mode but I never really felt glad that a fight ended cause I found all of them quite easy, Should've been more challenging,other than that this game is amazing,it's the best superhero movie for me cause this game makes you feel like 50% Spiderman and 50% Parker,most games you only feel like a hero in a suit who just beats up villains and saves people

  38. Love the intro of this review! Very cool! Haven't played this game yet. Heard it's really good

  39. I’m so late to this video but so many people give Spider-Man 3 shit😭😭😭 I love the movie, it’s the one I watched the most when I was younger.

  40. Honestly, the story in this game would make an AMAZING movie!

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