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Spider-Man – Game Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Spider-Man for the PS4.


  1. Honestly, the story in this game would make an AMAZING movie!

  2. I’m so late to this video but so many people give Spider-Man 3 shit😭😭😭 I love the movie, it’s the one I watched the most when I was younger.

  3. Love the intro of this review! Very cool! Haven't played this game yet. Heard it's really good

  4. The only problem I had with this game is the boss fights were easier,I played in amazing mode but I never really felt glad that a fight ended cause I found all of them quite easy, Should've been more challenging,other than that this game is amazing,it's the best superhero movie for me cause this game makes you feel like 50% Spiderman and 50% Parker,most games you only feel like a hero in a suit who just beats up villains and saves people

  5. 3yrs late due to parenting , so I'm doing a lotta catch up with the PS5 ..what an amazing addictive game.
    Looking at this footage makes me appreciate even more the 60fps/4k upgrade.
    My only gripe was the stealth sections otherwise a perfect fun and addictive game.

  6. Just me or is that a ps5 controller in his hands

  7. I've only just started playing it, only just got the chance lmao. But I can't wait to get back to it this evening, it's an absolute delight to play.

  8. I encountered the glitch where you get stuck in a building, funny thing is that it was in Doctor Strange’s sanctum santorum. I thought it was part of the game as an Easter egg lol

  9. Ecxept ign who have 9 most popular game revewers gave 7. I feel like companies that review games are very overly critacal. They should just have some fun

  10. Best spiderman video game of all time.

  11. That game was dope 💯 I can’t wait to play miles morales now

  12. The best Jameson quote was “Spider man beats up the mentally ill”

  13. I consider the Raimi movies as comedies at this point. They’re fucking hilarious.

  14. Thanks for this. It came with my ps4 and I was afraid it was a title they had to get rid of. Whew!!!

  15. Amazing Spiderman 1 is also a good underated game. Even amazing spiderman 2 isnt bad but obviously not at same level at this one. But those 2 set the tone for this one IMO

  16. "That's capturing what makes Spider-Man, possibly my favorite superhero, it's always between him and Batman" I'VE NEVER RELATED WITH A STATEMENT MORE!

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