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Spider-Man Harry Osborn Becomes VENOM Scene + Dr. Octopus Fight

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Marvel Spider Man 2 VENOM Secret Ending + Final Boss Fight Dr. Octopus PS5

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  1. Whoa how did you do that with the video bar

  2. Sorry but his dodging really was messing with me 😂

  3. I love how u don’t even walk u just keep on jumping

  4. I did not notice the venom part when I finished the game

  5. Spider-man don’t you just love him (title)

  6. There’s a typo in the name you put spder-man instead of spider-man

  7. The bond between Peter and otto was amazing and not the kind of thing that you see in the comics very often I rate this game a 10/10

  8. Btw you said spder I think you should fix that

  9. U lot r probably gonna hate me but I thought miles was venom idk why
    But dont worry guys i get it all
    Pls dont be mean to me lol

  10. Do you just skip the video or that’s hack?

  11. They took all the good parts of all the Spidermans from the live action and combined it into this Peter,I loved it

  12. mr stark:u cant be in avengers!
    spidey:wait wha but i did these things i am really help ful for you!
    mr stark:shut up kid avengers will pay you for destroying our fans

    spidey:well starki glarky do you want to give up to this legendary kid!

    stark:then lets fight stupid fellow kid!


  13. I hope there’s a spider man ps4 2 or spider man ps5 and some bosses are like venom green goblin but when green goblin it will be i good idea for Harry to be new goblin or Harry becoming venom

  14. I felt it when Peter got stabbed by dr octopus

  15. Bro comparing this to Miles Morales is insane. Makes the game look like its from 2016

  16. That suit in the last boss why you you use that cant you make more suit?

  17. Pet: I’m gonna crash at miles house a week
    Mj: well you could stay at my place
    Pet: 😳
    Pet I’m mean sure 😏

  18. So harry is on his way to becoming anti venom

  19. SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    except its SPIDER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. it was sad when otto was saying Peter where are you going

  21. Spiderman was about to let Otto fall to his death

  22. Can't wait till Norman truns himself into the Green Goblin and Venom shows up.

  23. The fight with Doc 'Oc, is when you realize Spider-Man is Sasuke Uchiha.

  24. Harry Osborne becomes venom? Odd choice but could be cool.

  25. I cried terribly at Otto and May's scene 😭

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