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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | Official Trailer 2

Marvel Entertainment
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“How many more Spider-People are there?” Watch the new #SpiderVerse trailer to find out. 12.14.18

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  1. Yes.! cern is opening portals to other dimensions.
    The LHC is a doorway. Revelations reveals this ancient prophecy, read it and weep.

  2. Spider pig, Spider pig, does whatever spider pig does. Can he swing from a web, no he can't, cause he's a pig, look out, comes spider pig.

  3. This movie is amazing ! Thumbs up if u think all super hero movies should be animated like this

  4. Spider man with Air Jordan 1's? I'm in.


  6. So they made peter parker easly die by kingpin. Peter said he was tired but he was not old how could he let kingpin kill him so easy. Could have gotten up with miles and left.

  7. ꧁K̶u̶n̶z̶i̶t̶e̶_̶A̶r̶t̶꧂ says:

    Who’s here after SV2 Teaser trailer
    (Just saying)

  8. I saw this movie.

    Take a guess what my fave movie is

  9. My name is Peyton Teixaria and I was the first spider-man well will

  10. Was I the only one thinking this was another suit for the the miles game?

  11. "Do animals talk in this dimension cuz I dont wanna freak him out."

  12. anyone think kingpin sounds and acts like Donald trump?

  13. Who watched the trailer after the full movie

  14. Am watching this before I play marvel spider man miles morales

  15. A girl a boy and a boy black guy in a suit a robot spider and now a pig

  16. I wanted to like it but I couldnt watch past 15minutes because of the framerate. Its like playing a 10fps game, its so horrible to look at

  17. Wow cool, spiderman is the first marvel superhero to resist a car by one hand punched it

  18. This trailer is so great but is also so misleading on the beginning.

  19. HHHHHHHhhhh…… Dad? I love you (gets me everytime)

  20. FML – this cross anime/real cgi look is the best EVER!!!

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