Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse ‘What’s Up Danger Song’ Movie Clip (2018) HD - friv2018games.net

Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse ‘What’s Up Danger Song’ Movie Clip (2018) HD

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Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse ‘What’s Up Danger Song’ Movie Clip (2018) HD
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  1. my only regret is not reaching movie maturity earlier so i could enjoy this for how it is in cinemas.

  2. They could make the whole movie on this scene

  3. Anybody remember that Ultimate Spiderman story arc this is based off of

  4. literally top 10 scenes ever in a super hero movie

  5. this scene is what made me read vigilante fanfictions- No doubt

  6. This scene always used to help me when i was feeling demotivated while studying for my competitive exams , i m from india btw

  7. Every time i pause it,it looks like a comic page

  8. 00:45 mark, when the glass breaks, it shows that he was still scared when he took the "leap of faith." It's small details like this that turn a good movie into a great one.

  9. Did anyone else notice right before he shoots his webslingers his spidey senses warn him?

  10. I know why you’re here people. I know why you’re here.

  11. Whos here after watching the new ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE trailer

  12. who’s here after the sequel teaser dropped

  13. So, I just thought of this, are the alluding to Aunt May becoming Madame Webb? I mean the way she knew he was coming, had custom built web shooters for Miles, the advice, the converging of all the Spidey's there, her pose when Miles shows up. Am I off the mark here?
    Please tell me I'm not crazy.

  14. WooooooooooooooW!
    And it goes like this everytime I watch it again and again!

  15. Anybody here after seeing the new Trailer?! , hype is real!

  16. this is D best spiderman film ever and no one is taking that away

  17. The feeling watching this for first time was amazing

  18. One of the best scenes in cinematic history

  19. A long-belated realization:
    So, the building across the way that Miles fails to leap to the first time, and then jumps to in this scene, is the "TRUST US BANK" building. Now, there's an obvious surface-level gag here, because large banks telling someone to "trust us" is laughable. Large banks routinely engage in questionable business practices (it occurs to me as I write that their involvement in redlining and discriminatory lending practices means Miles is even less likely to trust them than my white ass) and generated the subprime lending bubble that kicked off the 2008 economic recession.

    But it's actually more than the superficial "haha who the fuck would trust Alternate Universe Bank of America" gag. Because in this scene, Miles isn't putting his trust in someone else. He isn't taking this leap because someone he trusts told him to.

    Miles isn't trusting "us". He's trusting himself. And that's why he can jump across to the other building this time.

  20. Who's here after Across the spider verse trailer?

  21. I just noticed this, but shouldn't the people under Miles be injured because of the glass shards ?

  22. That's my boi right there! LET'S GO MILES!

  23. Who else prefers miles' spidersuit with the hoodie and sneakers?

  24. This is a perfect scene. It's one of the most hyped I've gotten in any movie ever.

  25. 21 millions views, 2 millions are mine.

  26. The best scene in this cartoon, and a very cool track

  27. Rewatched this movie for the 3rd time its so good

  28. I wonder when he get his venom electric suit

  29. Always and forever give me goosebumps man, so iconic

  30. This movie is perfect combination of animation & music. Sensational movie 👀😘😘

  31. I love how they focus on his spider logo in a scene it symbolises that he finally became spiderman

  32. This scene steals my breath away every time

  33. Who made this scene, who thought of this scene, i want to know.. I want to know what inspired her/him.. Cause i felt so much emotion when i heard the words from his dad, i felt powerful when he used the webshooters and he flew up… i felt so much dedication when he dove to the ground… and best of all, i felt the joy miles was feeling when he was swinging around the city. my god.. and to let me feel that… this scene needed to be perfect and all the scenes before needed to be perfect. I criedddd when i saw this the first time.. please somebody tell me they felt the same.. lets be friends forever.

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