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Spider-Man Meets Black Cat -The Heist DLC Black Cat- Spider-Man PS4 (Insomniac VideoGame)

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After chasing Black Cat for a while, Spider-Man finally Meets. Cutscene from The Heist DLC Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018.

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  1. Braindead Boi has left the server
    Blackout Boi has stolen Braindead Boi and executed him
    Burnout Boi has Destroyed Blackout Boi and has yet to join the server later this year

    BOI 👌 welcome to the Boi family

  2. Hammerhead must be the mixed version of Solomon Grundy and Kingpin.

  3. Should I steal my parents credit card to buy the dlc?

  4. I can’t believe they made Black Cat look like a nun 😑

  5. I would always love Spider-Man to get with Black Cat just because she actually likes him

  6. That suit looks awesome, what's it's name?

  7. You know it is good that Black Cat at least asks if Spidey is back into a relationship. She may be a Cat Thief, but she knows the process of asking.

  8. Spiderman 2's Black Cat mission's in the museum. So this is kind of an easter egg, right?

  9. why does spider man look like red hood lmao.

  10. Last time I've played spiderman was on ps3 , this one really looks good, great video as always baby

  11. We should be able to choose black cat instead of mj

  12. Is not really knew that black cat keep on played him all the time
    Spiderman just let that happen as if he want that happen

    And why his spider sense didn't work on black cat?

  13. Tsk tsk when Marvel tried to copy DC's Arkham games, dont get me wrong this is good and all but the gameplay feels the same except not as dark.

  14. Why does last stand look like noir spideys suit

  15. How does she know about MJ being his ex if she wasn’t even in town unless they dated after he and MJ broke up during those 6 months

  16. 2:502:57 the string instrumental sounds like the “You so f**king precious when you smile,” meme

  17. I really like that suit, I can't play Spiderman on the PS4 cause I don't have one ;~;

  18. I want the black spiderman suit in the next game .

  19. Does anyone remember meeting cat women in Spider-Man 2? Only the og’s will remember

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