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Spider-Man: Miles Morales | 30 Easter Eggs and Secrets (PS4/PS5)

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Marvel’s Spider Man – Miles Morales takes us back into the webslinger world but this time peter takes the back seat. Now most of us have finished the story and the game has been around a little while I thought we should jump back in and look at 30 secrets, Easter eggs and nods to marvel characters and lore. It’s actually closer to 60 Easter eggs but most of those were here in the original game back in 2018 so I’ll link that video should you wanna find daredevil’s locations and jessica jones’ top quality office or old Pizza time music from the PS2! Today it’s just new stuff in the 2020 and Miles’ adventure! Let’s do this.

Awesome Spider-verse swing tutorial by OniZombies –


  1. When I’m the rhino parts him with he goes to the shit Delier before that you can see Spiderman under Miles aunt

  2. 4:56 but my dad is dead too so playing as miles is like life except Spider-Man stuff I guess😂

  3. Adam he’s deaf Kurt Connors because on the current scene I actually saw that he had a missing hand so it’s definitely him

  4. Weeping Angels? I thought the moving mannequins were a reference to the Autons

  5. I would have enjoyed seeing the actual advanced suit in the game as its a rlly cool suit

  6. Truly a Brit when the video starts with a Doctor who reference. 😂 jk though ofc love my doctor who.

  7. On the names for the apartments, the peeling tag on Waldo says carmen Santiago

  8. Also in the beginning in the game u can see danika hart leaving teo's bodega

  9. Dr who is so great and yep I'm a huge fan.

  10. I mean like the game should look how people love that glitch they should keep it

  11. me: sees spider man wow hes sus more like shi&tman

  12. I thought it was a refrence to the nestine from ep 1 of the ninth doctor

    They were also in the third doctor i know

  13. Play station grenade top-five gaming put Penny on the worst worst hated skin

  14. The lizard is actually already in the game's universe. In the back to school mission (26) the doctor wearing a lizard is the one who Li forces to commit suicide

  15. Bro im stuck with the movement of the spiderverse suit on all of my suits

  16. even a glitch is an easter egg, what a great game

  17. In the thumbnail, you said spooderman, that’s disrespectful, so please just stay Spider-Man, thanks

  18. Its kurt connors his right arm is gone!

  19. Whoops, released early. Oh well! Enjoy!

    Who's got the Platinum trophy?

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