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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – 8 Amazing Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References

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Much like in Spider-Man 2018 for PlayStation 4, Miles Morales follows a similar formula of being chock-full of Easter eggs and secrets for players to find and enjoy. For this list, we’ll be focusing on some of the more hidden bits that players would either have to go out of their way to find, or could miss altogether without deep knowledge of Spider-Man’s lore. Enjoy!



  1. There is a building with a vent it’s next to avengers tower

  2. There is a building where the Insomniac Games building easter egg

  3. Hey when you play the truck mission I dunno you can scan when miles hold the shopping address

  4. I would never have noticed Boseman way. I'm honestly surprised that they didn't put his likeness on in proximity to the Wakandan Embassy.

  5. My only gripe about miles morales is that it felt significantly shorter than Spider-Man PS4, other than that, I fking love it, still trying to 100% it.

  6. If you go to Avengers tower at the top you can hear like three different voices talking .

  7. Ok. One more time, but without context. There is a pose that can be actived with an L3, holding a square button, and putting L3 on any direction. Another one is an iconic jump that can be done with a full sprint and a building edge jump.

  8. I guess IGN doesnt care about the many easter eggs of the puerto rican culture for example you can find puertorican christmas culture in Miles Morales house like coquito, pasteles, the vejigante masks, etc ….

  9. Really? You couldn't even be bothered to fact check Spider-Ham's name?

  10. They didn’t mention the Big Wheel reference.

    It’s a very surprising Easter Egg since someone actually remembers Big Wheel.

  11. The painting is also in black cats hide out in marvel spider-man

  12. Look at the exaggerated swagger of a black teen man,……… so inspirational

  13. In the beginning of the game, when your controlling rhino he swings off the insomniac logo inside the mall. I don’t know if y’all noticed this, but I just wanted to let y’all know

  14. 8 Amazing exaggerated swagger secrets of a black teen

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