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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Before You Buy [4K]

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4, PS5) builds upon the great foundation set by Insomiac’s 2018 Spider-Man. Let’s dive in with some fresh gameplay and impressions.
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  1. It’s on sale now is it worth $35? Crazy that it’s so much less content than the first game but thinking about picking it up

  2. should i play this game on my ps4 if it hadnt played the first game or should i just play the first game??

  3. I didn’t play the first one because I just recently got a ps4. This was on sale for $35 which sounds like a fair price.

  4. 7:25
    Think I’ll buy it for just that part. 😆

  5. I lov3d this gam3 not good as first but r3ally good

  6. I know that some people were disappointed in Peter’s absence in the game. But don’t be too mad; according to Insomniac, for the third game they’re gonna try to add co op and character slots so that you can switch between Miles and Peter.

  7. The game was amazing I liked the story but I feel like it was too short. They should charge like 30 bucks for the game.

  8. I’m about to buy this for $34 hope it’s good since it’s a little short.

  9. I love the game and I want to play it, I just think £50.00 on amazon for a game it's too expensive

  10. I already played this game and finished it and i just came here to see your opinion

  11. i boutght it and now im 45 pound indebt with mom xd

  12. pls answer me that question: is the ultimate edition 2 DIFFERENT GAMES?

  13. Platinum the first, definitely playing this

  14. Has all the overemphasised flavour of the black adolescent

  15. Im definitely playing the game when it goes on sale 🙂

  16. This games story sucked but the game play was fun but over powered

  17. It’s weird that I watch this AFTER I bought.

  18. Btw where's the mall, I've been wanting to explore it

  19. My 10 year had this 100% completed in 2 days
    poor game
    And the blm stuff WTF 😳

  20. Did y’all know that the rhino swings on the insomniac O

  21. Why shouldn’t you buy
    Me: because I’m an number 1 fan of miles morales but me sees picture of the games means spoiling why would I buy this now

  22. I dig that you brought up the swinging. I actually feel like the mechanics are different with miles. Going back and playing the original, Peter's swinging seems to control much better… im sure this is just totally in my head lol but it did feel that way for a while.

  23. “90% of the price” that ain’t how math works buddy

  24. I just realized that there's only ONE boss in the game, and that The Tinkerer… That's just not enough

  25. This is definitely gonna be the first game I get when I’m finally able to get a PS5

  26. It's such a shame that they really gave Miles the short end of the stick with this game. Sure, the world is big and fun to swing around in, but you can complete the entire game in a single day, bare minimum.

  27. I’m really enjoying playing this game it’s so much fun

  28. This game really needs to be ported on the Switch.

  29. Someone please tell me it's 2 am and my volumes down

  30. I feel like I'm playing Spiderman 2 on the ps2 due to having to save guys stuck on window washers and getting back people's cars. In every movie, show or game, they of course have to add in magic healing factor abilities.

  31. The way Mrs. Morales cooks Puerto Rican food and says Te quiero(I love you) is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a Hispanic mother. Lol 😆

  32. Personally the game is really great, but it falls under that “too short” category, and should have just been a full on DLC .

  33. I have this game but not thee PS5 😭😑

  34. It's on sale for $30 for this black friday sale (walmart, best buy, target). Played the first one and never got around to playing MM, so I'm definitely picking it up for $30

  35. I'm replahing the first 2018 one right now. I'm so upset bc I do really want to play this game. But I want to do it on ps5.. BUT I CANT GET A PS5 uhg. I bead the graphics aren't much different. But the controller and the feel makes it better.

  36. ive brrn trying to get a ps5 for the last year or two lol so i geuss its gona be awhile before i get this game

  37. I did really enjoy the first game and I wasn't sure if mike's Morales version would be worth it but if I can get the 2018 version and miles Morales for a deal then I'm getting it. Thanks for the video helped us decide 💪

  38. This game and Ratchet both have the option for the 60 fps mode with Ray Tracing enabled, definitely the best of both worlds I think.

  39. Yooooo youtube ads are getting sexy😳😳

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