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Spider-Man – Open World Gameplay Demo | Sony E3 2018

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After Sony’s E3 2018 press conference, more open-world gameplay was shown for Spider-Man on the PS4.

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  1. What is Spider-Man’s favorite brand of Rice?

    Uncle Ben’s

  2. What a dull audience
    The god of war release was lit 💯

  3. 6:23 in every Spider-Man game, there’s always a bomb disarming thing 😂 the bong squad…

  4. The demo isnt on the ps4 for me? Can someone help me.

  5. As soon as I saw that they made Spidey the bomb squad I was on board.

  6. In anticipation to this game they should release spiderman 2 on PS4 with trophies I’d buy it lol

  7. Still looks like Spiderman 2 had better swinging…

  8. anybody else's inner 2004 kid geeking out, I really can't wait for this, so much nostalgia

  9. This game looks so childish …
    No blood no bruise textures to the bad guys…
    No ABILITY to be evil and have different objectives instead…

  10. 100% Going to be the best game of 2018 imo.

  11. Funny how Spider man isn't supposed to be a killer but the beating he delivers to regular guys is 99% fatal or at least eating through a straw forever. Spider Man is a murderer.

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