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Spider-Man PS4: 10 Things Players HATE

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man (PS4) is an awesome game, but even the biggest fans have minor complaints and grievances. We gathered them here for some catharsis.
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  1. If I want research tokens I just walk to the thing open the door and get 1 token lol

  2. I fuxxin hate playing as mj. They tried to make her wayyy too important

  3. why does your HUD look like that, are you on the remastered or is it something i missed or what?

  4. Only thing I'm gonna hate is when I'm finished with it. I just started playing again after my ps4 got stolen so now I'm playing on ps5 and I'm gonna be so upset when I run out of things to do 😭

  5. Bold of you to think screwball is worth the plat….


  7. The worst enemy in the game by far is those electric whip dude’s who grab you out of the air. Like I’m fighting three big guys, five guys with rockets launchers, three guys with stun sticks, and a whole bunch of guys witch guns and they all do insane amounts of damage in just a few hits. I need to get away from time to time, but I can’t, because every time I try to swing away those fuckers grab me out of the air and throw me to the ground so I take even more damage.

  8. I can't get Screwball's trophy to get 100% 🙄

  9. I liked the research stations. Like I loved them. I also hate the drone challenges from taskmaster

  10. Number 1 for me would be the guys with the whip
    So fcking annoying

  11. When chasing a thug car we cant dodge the bullets that they are firing even if we press the dodge button on the right time….its annoying!

  12. The Taskmaster missions wanting you to perform perfectly or not giving you the gold

  13. Aside from the MJ side missions, i hate the fact that there's a limited amount of dodge animation possibilities. It sucks that the only thing you can do is dodge and web their face up. I wish they took a page outta TASM game where the dodge/counter moves are really good. Considering dodging is literally 80% of combat this really annoys me.

  14. A lot of comments: MJ stealth missions! 😠

    Me: Annoying, yes, but not a terrible view. 😉😎

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