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Spider-Man PS4: 10 Things You NEED To Know

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Spider-Man (PS4) is soon upon us and we have tons of things you need to know before you get your hands on it.
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  1. This game is so much better than the Arkham stuff So is the miles Morales one


  3. If you take the disc case take the cover off then flip the cover and you’ll have dope new cover

  4. not gonna lie when he said sticker i thought he said snicker and i was like "why the fuck would they give you a snicker wont that shit be melted once you get it"

  5. 4:15, he starts to name a couple of featured suits. When he names them he says it like a song lol it even rhymes. Nice touch. Brilliant

  6. I wish that they added dlc to the game not fucking "5 fights and 2 lines for $24"

  7. I am the boss of this game I'm on level 6 and I got lots of bagels

  8. I was watching this well playing spiderman ps4

  9. I have seen the gameplay and finished the game, but I still don't know if you can find Yankee Stadium or Mets Park

  10. To those of you who are curious: yes taskmaster is shown and there is a fight with this villain.

  11. Does this game require a constant internet connection?

  12. Hi, I bought a ps4 slim 2 days ago with Spiderman. Now I want another ps4 exclusive. Should I get God of war or uncharted 4?

  13. The main villain in this game is Mr Negative It's Dr. Octopus

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