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Spider-Man PS4: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

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Does whatever a Spider can… and PLENTY more!


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  1. people who haven’t played arkham gang unite!

  2. In a large group use an anti gravity thing and if they fall use a web bomb in the middle they all die

  3. You can also change time of day if you start a research mission at night that is meant for day time. The game will stop, and you will see Manhattan go from night to day time. Once the research mission is over, then Manhattan goes back to night time automatically. Kind of a weird interruption to the flow of the story, but a good touch.

  4. Anyone know how to stop stolen vehicles without taking any damage?

  5. "Most hyped game of all time!"
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare, GTA V, Rdr2, Battlefield 1, Mortal Kombat 2, Elder Scrolls Skyrim/6, Mario Brothers 3, Ocarina of Time, Batman Arkham Asylum, Star Wars Battlefront, just to name a few.

  6. This game was actually the very first real combat video game game I ever played on the ps4, so not only did I have to learn how to play the game, I had to learn the controls and where all the buttons were on the controller! Fun times… I died like 10 times during the Fisk mission

  7. hey buddy great video but that's not how you swing fast….what your showing is how to swing vertically or really high and covering alot of ground using height…if you want your swing speed to be it's fastest it's about swinging low and releasing the web at the bottom of his swing…it's hard to explain without showing an actual in game demo but you even get a accomplishment for doing this called street skimmer because that's basically what your doing is staying low and skimming the street and cars and it's how you increase your swing speed.

  8. Dude the game tells you everything in this video do you not know how to read

  9. I only die when the big enemies start barraging me

  10. I play it a lot like lot and it’s easy for me

  11. The game just keep on chanhing the freaking time from morning to night

  12. Am I the only one late to this game????? Haven’t had a PlayStation since the PS2 , so I’m just got a ps4 for my son lol but I do got a Xb1 and sticking with it I just wanted to play Spider-Man 🤣

  13. when in the middle of the combat that you are surrounded by a lot of guys,just hold R2 and x and jump high in the air.then press square and X simultaneously.see what happens.

  14. While I love this game I can’t help but wonder this. Spider-Man is strong enough to kill a normal human with one punch. Why does it take him like 5-10 punches just to knock him out in this game?

  15. Well i keep failing against the demon fight at the hideout you know somewhat after miles,s father,s death

  16. And if you come across sables first kill the floating jets sables by webbing them and throwing them because they are very annoying

  17. Getting the remastered version on the Ps5, so needed some tips first. Thanks WhatCulture, roll on the 19th of November.

  18. what is that mission in the beginning of the video with the invisible van i've never seen that before nd it says spider man is talking to someone named carmen

  19. and dont forget to read daily bugle newspaper after doing a mission

  20. My spider man just moving and im not touching the controller please help

  21. I LOVE spider man, and bought batman arkham knight a while ago but never played it. Will i like it?

  22. "Ya' know, does what ever a spider can"

    Goddamn it can someone give this man an award for actually making a use for some og Spider-Man references?

  23. Here is my advice, press L2 R2 while swinging to zip to a perch and then press X to launch off it immediately, It gives you a ton of height and speed although you do need to unlock a skill for it if you can kind of get in the knack of launching from perch to perch it works really well when you are swinging to traverse faster.

  24. Jus bought on eBay for 5 bucks, I figured why not.

  25. Almost all of these Are explicitly told to you by the game

  26. just got two of spiderman ps4 what should i do with the other?

  27. Trick: to defeat brutes easily web em to the wall pre easy

  28. He's wearing a cyberpunk shirt 2 years before release hahahhaa

  29. Thanks, but man i think you talk way, way too fast..just for future reference..👍

  30. Why do i feel like i was just as skilled as spidey in the time of the events (8 years after being Spidey)
    8 years of gameplay just right at first try

  31. Y do u look like Wolverine? does anyone else notice that?

  32. Air Punch Someone When They Are On The Ground Web Them Up. Easy Strat

  33. Recently I bought a ps4 with saved up money after wanting one for a while I bought ghost of tsushima, titanfall, infamous second son and among others Spider-Man on the way are there any recommendations for other games I should get ive been thinking of getting bloodborn

  34. Tips You Missed (Settings):

    You can toggle 3 burst fire your your web shooters to instantly web people up, super useful.

    You can toggle mash button QTEs to hold (useful for cars and stuff in particular).

    You can also toggle Spidey Sense to yellow if you need it.

  35. Wait this man had a cyberpunk shirt 2 years ago

  36. You can also change the time of day in the stations of Harry

  37. The title is Clickbait most of these game does tell you however I haven’t played the game in a while so it’s helpful

  38. Back before u guys recorded from home lol. Needed this cus i just got the remastered version

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