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Spider-Man PS4 – 22 Minutes of Free Roam Open-World Gameplay (2018)

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Marvel Spider-Man PS4 – 22 Minutes of Free Roam Open-World Gameplay (2018)

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  1. I wondering if they release the Venom and Carnage characters for the storyline free play? They should technically be able to do that if they did the entire coding sets.

  2. reminds me of infamous second son except spiderman

  3. There is one thing that I don't understand. I have been watching some gameplays of different people and I haven't seen yet, anyone where in spiderman combats is not the most part on the ground, can you tell me what the hell spiderman does on the floor? spiderman when he is fighting(on films, comics, Cartoon, etc.). When he is on the ground?? XD 5% maybe?. With the options that allow you in combat and you use spiderman on the ground..
    It's true that everyone can do what they want but I think it would be cooler to do it by walls, balancing with cobwebs, being on the heights.. That is like spiderman really fight, he is constantly dodging, he is a superhero that his great quality is his agility and intelligence, so his combat mode is based on that, but seems like all of you use it, as if it were a physical tank Lol 😆

  4. this gameplay looks exactly like the batman arkham series, which are some of my favourite games, so i'm really excited to play this!

  5. Ps5 Playstation 5 Unboxing,Testing,Giveaways says:

    This game looks awesome

  6. Ps5 Playstation 5 Unboxing,Testing,Giveaways says:

    does this game have a multiplayer option ?

  7. Is there a cheat code to just free roam from the start? I really just want to swing around the city and see it at night, etc…

  8. Only wish they took into account momentum… should have flew almost all the way back up when jumping off of a tall building. Also being able to shoot web down and propel yourself forward is confusing to me. Still going to buy regardless…

  9. i'm a huge fan of the batman: arkham games and this game reminds me so much of them, but it's so much lighter. it's a really new feeling and i love it so much

  10. I got this game for my birthday which is 9-24-05

  11. the movement of SM looks like shit. He is too fast, can falling down over 50 meters without any injury etc. , the game ja Trash.

  12. For the people who are saying everything wrong with the game, it'd because Sony made it. Activision always did much better making the spider man games than Sony has

  13. at last. there is a good superhero game not this bullshit infamous)

  14. I’m getting this in 12 days on my birthday

  15. Flying, power, flash,etc. Seems superman…. stupid game.

  16. It's almost done downloading/installing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Best games: Spider-Man, Bat man Arkham Knight, Fortnite

  18. If they can create a game that you can switch from peter to spiderman in seconds, that would be awesome.

  19. insomniac making goregeous looking spidee man but cant make a NICE NEXT GEN EPISODE of RATCHET AND CLANK😤😤😤

  20. Check out my Walkthrough Gameplay of Marvel's Spider-Man on Ultimate Difficulty!: @

  21. I would like a spiderman game with nova in it and we can use him

  22. This was an amazing game, but I really thought that they should have implemented free roam as Miles or Peter in a civilian mode of sorts. I feel like there's a lot of ground level exploration available, but I get tired of people attacking me or everyone reacting to Spidey. It would be cool to experience the world as a civilian.

  23. Is it accurate with the real New York? Just wondering hehe

  24. Why would you change the combat from 2017 to this ? You brag about physics based swinging and yet downgraded the combat where spider- man levitates during fight.

  25. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv no no no zzz

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