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Spider-Man PS4 – 5 Things to do Other Than Playing the Main Story

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We here at COGconnected love Spider-Man PS4’s story, but there’s also a lot to do around town in addition to it. Here are our top five things to do other than playing the main story.

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  1. If you enjoy this video, you may like our other one titled "Epic Web Swinging & Stunts" It's linked on the end screen of this video. Thanks for watching!

  2. I really wanted the backpack one when I got the game and done it before even doing the birthday one 😂😂

  3. I always say. If you can afford the game, you can afford the dlc

  4. I’ve got a go-to plan for what to do when I’m bored
    1-go outside
    4-just keep swinging

  5. I played the game so much that it’s not fun anymore 😂🤓

  6. Let's dive in guys… together we dive and together we die

  7. Or…. create your own final swing for the game

  8. That about it there about 5 things to do other than the story

  9. It would be cool if we could go to the other Burroughs in NYC

  10. This was my game of the year……then red dead redemption 2 came out and I haven't stop playing since

  11. Great video. I played Spiderman the whole weekend and am only up the story mission where there's a silent alarm at Kingpins house or something. I'm not at all interested in the story as it;'s been a little dull for me.

    BUT!!!! I love the open world and just swinging around collecting stuff. I've done a lot of side missions and gotten the landmark stuff and the backpacks, and I'll stop a crime every now and then. In fact, the only try I've been updating is the Traversal tree and it's al;most full purely on exploration and stunts xp.

  12. Couldn’t agree more – I can swing round NYV for hours 👊🏻🎮🔥

  13. It would be cool if you could go back into your apartment or visit other characters after the games compete.

  14. 40 hours??? Doing what took Me about 20 hours to get 100% of everything including all trophys nothing to do after that really

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