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Spider-Man PS4 | 60 Easter Eggs and Secrets

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Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4 is a bloody great game. As it’s a Spidey superhero outing it’s jam packed with references to the marvel universe but there’s also shed load of nods to video game, movie, music and some random occurrences that I think you should see for yourself. Here are ALL 60 easter eggs and cultural references we found in Marvel’s Spiderman.

1. Twin Towers in the reflections
2. Tome Raider Store – Tomb Raider
3. PSX
4. SupaBoy SNES Handheld
5. PS Vita / PSP
6. Captain Qwark
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. Tony Hawks / McMarx
9. GTA IV Nico and Roman
10. Spiderman 2 Balloon Boy
11. Spiderman 2 Pizza Delivery
12. Upside Down Movie Kiss
13. How to stop a train Movie reference
14. #fingerGuns
15. Ghost Busters
16. The ugly truth
17. Lethal Weapon movies
18. Insomniac office
19. Insomniac Radios (not Radars)
20. Photo Mode – Rocket – guaranteed to kill spiders
21. 3 chest hairs / 100% completion
22. Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
23. Greg Miller’s Shirtless Spider-Man
24. Avengers tower! sorry
25. Power Rangers
26. Tony Stark job offer
27. Reed Richards needs a new suit
28. Damage Control
29. Roxxon
30. Uncle Ben’s Grave
31. Stan Lee Cameo
32. Fisk’s Cane
33. Fisk’s Cello
34. Goblin Grenades
35. Spidey Squad
36. More Spidey Squad
37. Electro – Original
38. Vulture – Original
39. Rhino – Original
40. Curt Connors – Original
41. Mysterio
42. Screwball
43. Chameleon
44. Flash Thompson
45. Eddie Brock
46. Venom
47- 50. Dare Devil
51. Rand Tower – Iron Fist
52. Jessica Jones PI
53. Charging Bull / Lock Jaw
54. Dr Strange / Sanctum Sanctorum
55. Symkaria smokes
56. Symkaria Embassy
57. Wakanda Embassy / Black Panther
58. Justice League
59. Bat Signal
60. Spidey Mobile
61. Hidden Photo Challenge / Empire State University ESU
62. The saddest easter egg…. ever

Ok 62. I can’t count

This is an extra Hello to the guy stealing my easter egg lists again. Enjoy,



  1. I know this answer is a little late, but I'm just now seeing this video. Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are ALL pretty awesome…but Iron Fist is not that great….but I watched it anyway so I'd know what was up when I watched the Defenders…which is also pretty good.

    Daredevil and Punisher are the best ones, though.

  2. I recently realized this, but there's actually another Easter Egg to the comics and movies in the description of Spider-Man's character. It may be mentioned in the game, I haven't finished it yet, but it says one of his Aliases is "Tiger."

  3. what happened to the intro he was like "Ello Welcome To Granade"

  4. Anyone else think it’s cool that Tyler has shockers last name

  5. I think the post it note with the RR means rocket raccoon

  6. If your a wwe fan sin caria take away the ia means sin cara

  7. Symkaria is a country, officially Symkrija Kiralysog (the Kingdom of Symkaria), is a small eastern European country within the Balkans. It had been conquered many times over the centuries. It has maintained close ties to the nation of Latveria. Its capital and largest city is Aniana.

  8. Spider man: Cool the window but I think somethings strange is always going around in there
    Me: Yeah the buildings for Doctor Strange

  9. Btw gamer paradise is probably a reference to gangstas paradise

  10. I think" it's webbin time" is inspiration from the thing's catchphrase 'its clobberin time"

  11. Obvious tip: set up the directional pad shortcut for Photo Mode.

  12. I think there's another reference to the horror movie "I know what you did last summer" during the first mission Jeff and Spidey has together cause Spidey says "is there a fisherman with a grudge and a hook for a hand?"

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