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Spider-Man PS4 | All 50 Secret Photos Locations (Hidden Suit)

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AS youre watching this you’ve probably completed the story of Marvel’s Spiderman but you’re now chasing down the platinum troiphy and all the spidey suits on offer. Let me give you a hand finding the 50 hiddden photos which unlock the ESU (not BSU sorry) outfit if you have the gadget which let’s you see these spots be sure to equip it… it’l; speed this up no end. I’ve tried to make the route as painless as possible….

Harlem – 11 secret photos
Upper East Side – 4 secret photos
Central Park – 4 Secret photos
Upper West Side – 5 secret photos
Hell’s Kitchen – 4 secret phtotos
Midtown – 3 secret photos
Greenwich – 3 secret photos
ChinaTown – 8 secrets
Financial district – 8 secrets

You’ve now unlocked the BSU costume!


  1. Ty so much i only needed 2 (pillar in central park and murdocks office) it real helped me out alot

  2. I'm missing one and I swear I've taken a pic of all of them

  3. this was unbelievably helpful when playing the new remaster. had all but one and i couldn’t find it for the life of me so resorted to going through one by one. ended up being the modern art museam 🙂

  4. Doesn’t let me get the Harlem sanatorium 1:17 I’m playing on my ps5 remastered version

  5. U just saved me wasteing 28 days on getting this suit thank you so much

  6. i legit got 49 without a guide and never did the 50th i’m not replaying the game to finally do it

  7. Bruh
    I missed out one photo or something and I’m gonna have to watch the whole video again While checking the entire map seeing if it lights up green

  8. Took me 5 long years, and doesn’t worth it, I prefer other skins instead tbh

  9. POV you were at 49 and you have to go through the entire thing again

  10. This is time consuming cus I found about 39 on my own so I dont know If i already have it or not

  11. It won’t let me take a picture of the theatre

  12. Said I completed it but the suits not there ??

  13. Yours videos like this one and content is the reason I been subscribed to you

  14. ?? uncle bens? it took me 2 days

    ah edit: @Flamehood i did bens first

  15. For some reason it won’t let me photograph the pale horse ridez one?

  16. Bro thank you so much I needed this I had two more left and I was stuck took me a week lol

  17. fountain keeps saying "photo obscurred" or "photo not in centre" its so annoying

  18. I’m missing one but I just can’t find it I’ve watched like 3 diff videos

  19. I was so confused why there was a missing suit in my inventory, this makes so much more sense thanks

  20. been doing this for 4 hours, can't find the last one. im on 49 and losing sanity, PLEASE HELP.

  21. Did a few of them, realized it's too hard and started following this video. Completed the statue of liberty and I still have one left. Gonna have to try all of them again🙂

  22. I just have two more to find. I just can't remember all the ones I've already gotten

  23. I had 47/50 by just playing. Me now knowing that you can get a suit as a reward, I’m gonna do it

  24. Nice video for not making it unnecessary long

  25. Wow, who would have thought the last photo I needed was the last photo this showed

  26. Finished the video just too find out i missed two absoloutly gutted now i have too go through them again

  27. Where i can find the first photo? In your video the counter start at 2/50 in fact i had did every pohot in the video and yet i cant get that suit

  28. Yup this took me a bit but it was worth it for the college drip

  29. I took pictures of all 50 but it still says I have some left bruUh

  30. this guy took one for the team for not giving up i wanted to give up at around 45

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