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Spider-Man PS4 – All Backpack Collectibles

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Here’s a look at all Peter’s backpack items in Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

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  1. Work/life balance for idiots…….. I need that in my life..

  2. Hey I just realized something. When Spider-Man shoots his webs they only last 1 hour. When he had those backpack he was 15 that was 8 years ago. How in gods name did they last for so long. Insomniac made a mistake.

  3. Does he have any samples from his backpacks that mentions venom?

  4. A spider man homecoming logo is in the spider designs

  5. 4:35 actually, parker will teach miles how to be the 2nd spider-man. Just not with math… kinda

  6. Can't believe I heard Sasuke say "SPIDER PLUSHIEEE!"

  7. Am I missing something, or are there not enough backpack tokens to buy all the correlating suits/upgrades in the game? I mean , I got all the backpacks but now there are suits and things I can't buy because I ran out of backpack tokens????? Is there some way to get more?

  8. guys
    did you know you can see spider-plushe in the DINNER DATE mission at the MJ's house sofa

  9. Its these litle things which really develops spider-man as a character.

  10. I wish there was more back packs like 100 more idk I enjoyed getting them cuz each items had a story

  11. the coffee bean application is so fucking funny omg

    "Position: Broahaha
    Skills relevant to desired positions: I love coffee
    Have you ever visited Coffee Bean?: I go there all the time with my friends. Love the free wi-fi!
    Why would you like to work here: Need the money"
    And the best one:
    "Describe a situation where you provided excellent customer service in your most recent job: Lots of people tell me I'm friendly"

  12. 9:12 "I see no god up here. OTHER THAN ME!
    Spider-man (probably)

  13. 5:49 & 11:11
    Man you just gotta love how sentimental he can be and how much he loves his job not for the praise, but just the pleasure of helping people… and when just one of those people gives thanks… he sure as hell feels appreciated

  14. No Easter Egg for Kraven the Hunter. Maybe in a sequel game…

  15. I liked the idea of gliding with the web wings :/

  16. Wish you knew who made that comic? The name is at the bottom left corner.

  17. 5:25 I love how happy he is to find spider plushie again, like an old lost friend =]

  18. Gotta love all the personality they put in this game

  19. Yo, I just realized, Spidey said he cured Dr.Conners only for a short time, but if you look at the Spider-Man Miles Morales ending, it shows that Connors was their with Norman, or I think so, I have bad memory

  20. Kinda minor nitpick(not that big of a deal it’s a game after all)cuz remember that the web would dissolve after 2hrs but still pretty fun to find these bags throughout NYC

  21. 4:40
    Oh my god, can we actually like have that, some time in the future? Can we have Prof. Spider-Man?

  22. Wow imagine turning into Sandman and some highschool kid locked you in his backpack for years

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