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SPIDER MAN PS4 All Mary Jane Scenes (SPIDERMAN PS4) All MJ Scenes

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SPIDER MAN PS4 All Mary Jane Scenes (SPIDERMAN PS4) All MJ Scenes

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  1. Everyone’s talking about how beautiful MJ is but no one talks about how ugly Pet-

  2. I love how she is not even a damsel in distress.

  3. Love them go away with black cat only MJ and Black hat are a real cute couple🙇🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️⚠️❣🙏🏼

  4. Yet no superhero goes for the quiet girls like Anna Maria. I rather see Pete with a crook black cat.

  5. mj is really beautiful that I'm almost in love with her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Mg is so freaking sexy in this game almost wish I was Peter in the game

  7. I hate her character design. She's built like a meaningless lifeform. A pedestrian roaming the streets

  8. Nakilala kita sa phone
    Mary Jane ang pangalan mo
    Oh kayganda ng boses mo
    Kasing ganda ng pangalan mo

    Sinabi mo sa 'kin ang 'yong problema
    At ako ay awang-awa sa 'yo
    Nais kitang yakapin
    Ngunit ikaw ay malayo sa akin

    Oh Mary Jane
    Hinihintay ko lagi ang tawag mo
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng isip ko
    Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane

    Sana'y tawagan mo lagi ako
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng puso ko
    Mary Jane
    Oh mahal ko

    Kaya ako ngayo'y nalulungkot,
    Pagka't alam kong ikaw ay nalulungkot din
    Hawak ko ang aking gitara
    Kinakanta, sinasambit ang pangalan mo

    Oh Mary Jane
    Hinihintay ko lagi ang tawag mo
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng isip ko
    Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane

    Sana'y tawagan mo lagi ako
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng puso ko
    Mary Jane oh Mary Jane

    Oh Mary Jane
    Hinihintay ko lagi ang tawag mo
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng isip ko

    Oh Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane
    Oh Mary Jane

    Sana'y tawagan mo lagi ako
    Ikaw lagi ang laman ng puso ko
    Mary Jane oh Mary Jane oh mahal ko

    Mary Jane
    Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Oh mahal ko

  9. Did mj tell pete the whole story within 5 minutes lol

  10. She's not perfect (nothing is) but I like this MJ, she's kinda modernized and took aspects of OG MJ and kinda mixed it in with some Lois Lane. This could be interesting going further!

  11. Can’t believe she’s the same voice actress for Abby of The Last of Us.

  12. I love this MJ cause she is actually Useful 😀

  13. I Think i just fall in love… i Think i love mj😅

  14. Omg is great to see Stan lee I can’t believe he passed away Rest In Peace

  15. Spider Man Is So Powerfull Great Hero

  16. Peter Looks Very Handsome And Intelizent

  17. Y’all like MJ and Peter I’m all for Gwen and Peter

  18. Haven't played the game before or read the comics, does this stick pretty close to them compared to the 5 Spider-man movies (not counting MCU)?

  19. Fucking love Laura, so many times i play a game and suddenly hear her voice. Such an amazing woman

  20. My problem with this Mary Jane, it's that's it's not really Mary Jane. It's redhead Lois Lane.

  21. Jesus Christ, MJ is beautiful in this game!

  22. 1:13:40 Bio-electrokinesis and optical camouflage. There's a little Miles Morales game connection.

  23. Bro its weird to see that this is 2 years ago

  24. Wow I didnt know MJ, Abby from TLOU2 and Nadine from Uncharted 4 were voiced by the same person. Thats awesome!

  25. Mary Jane in this game was portrayed very well. The game is very good overall!

  26. Mj is so fucking ugly, personality and looks wise 💩🤮

  27. okay but MJ in thjs game could run me over with a truck and I'd say thank you

  28. imagine if the spider bit MJ and made him spider woman

  29. Anyone think this is suspiciously similar to COVID

  30. just finished spiderman remastered tbh his face is better in the og one, and the story feels a bit odd everytime i see peter's face, kinda regret this😔

  31. Can't believe that's abby from last of us 2 lol

  32. If they made a video game with Mary Jane in an action role, I think they could have went the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Woman route.

    I read that the Insomniac Spider-Man creators made Mary Jane a reporter because it was unrealistic for Peter to have a supermodel girlfriend.

    I find that view ridiculous.

    Peter and Mary Jane met through their aunts setting them up. Mary Jane's Aunt Anna was May and Peter's next door neighbor. May was trying to set Peter up with Mary Jane for years and even ignored Peter's relationship with Betty.

    According to Parallel Lives which was published in 1989, both Peter and Mary Jane were trying to avoid each other.

    Peter thought maybe Mary Jane ugly and couldn't get boyfriend or else May wouldn't set him up with her.

    Mary Jane found out that Peter was Spider-Man, and she was scared to get involved with him and even wondered if he was like her father that she had issues with.

    I have read some people claim that Mary Jane fell in love with Peter because she was Spider-Man. She's not the Kirsten Dunst version Mary Jane that kissed Spider-Man on the lips without knowing his secret identity,

    Mary Jane didn't care if Peter was poor or not. Peter's insecurities about not being able to support Mary Jane are well known. Mary Jane didn't care about Peter being too poor to provide for them. She didn't mind being the only one that supports them both.

    She wasn't just a supermodel. She was an actress too. She was a soap opera actress. She later on did B-movies.

    She acted in Broadway. She was an aspiring actress from the start. She even told Peter that she was an actress when they first met. She also had dancing experience. Mary Jane was an entertainer.

    Mary Jane wasn't too beautiful for Peter. The comics showed that Peter was a handsome guy. Some even remarked that without his looks and brains, he's nobody. He had beauty queen Gwen interested in him, but she got mean to him because he was ignoring her. Peter has history of attractive women being attracted to him. He had very pretty apartment neighbors thinking he was very cute.

    The reporter Mary Jane didn't seem like the Mary Jane that I read in the comics. This was young red-haired, green-eyed version of Lois Lane.

    I don't believe that Insomniac Spider-Man producers understood her character.

    Mary Jane acted rather detached and calm about the news about Peter might be the father of Felicia's child.

    After Mary Jane bared her soul to Peter, she had a tendency to openly express her vulnerability and insecurities including jealousy. She has shown jealousy in regards to Felicia in the past, and that was even before she married Peter. One example is when Mary Jane went to Peter's apartment to fix some breakfast and Felicia was cooking breakfast, and Mary Jane was angrily asking what Felicia was doing there. Peter immediately jumped over them to get away from the two women arguing.

    I think Mary Jane would have been upset with Peter being the father of Felicia's child with her fiery personality.

  33. is laura bailey just on retainer to voice every female video game character? no hate, get that check.

  34. Without a doubt the best version of Mary Jane in my opinion

  35. I haven't play the game and this is already my favorite spider man.

  36. This is the best MJ in the entire Marvel franchise! She’s very pretty! The details on her face is very similar to a childhood friend from my first hometown, for some reason. Same hair color too.

  37. MJ has a different appearance in the later movies (Homecoming, Far From Home)

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