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Spider-Man PS4 – Black Cat Reveal Trailer (2018)

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Spider-Man PS4 – Black Cat Reveal Trailer The Heist DLC (2018)

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  1. He sure was chasing that pussy…………………cat

  2. Thank god they changed her to be less attractive and covered her body up. I was almost triggered.

  3. hey look, they did the same thing that every spiderman game made you do. chase her and then fight her. lame af.

  4. so no cleavage ? Ain't even mad.
    my r34 imaginations run wild.

  5. In every spider man game, you have to end up following black cat

  6. I am 90 percent completion on the game, i did all her side missions, and got the suit that she left for you, but have yet seen her face to face…

  7. Finished the game, can’t wait for more. You have truly blessed us Insomniac.

  8. thanks for putting other vids up while I'm trying to watch the trailer

  9. The one woman that Spider Man shouldn't be with.

    No matter what anyone actually says.

  10. is it ironic before seeing this video I saw an ad for cat litter?

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