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Spider-Man PS4 Director On Critical Reception, Single-Player Development

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Following Spider-Man’s blockbuster release on PS4, we sit down with creative director Bryan Intihar to discuss the game’s reception, the state of Sony’s first-party titles, and the future of single-player development.

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  1. Take a shot for everytime Bryan says "like"

  2. Spider-Man 2 will be a true GEM…..a masterpiece

  3. This version of spider-man for me is leagues above any movie version.

  4. Very cool interview, this game deserves gushing over…

  5. This man is my hero. I love his passion and knowledge for Spider-Man.

  6. They did a FREAKING AMAZING job with this game

  7. Android spiderman game relies boss plz plz plz

  8. i really dont like that guy with the mug he always looks so shitty

  9. M.r Brian my name is Abdulla. I am a huge fan of your Spiderman game .and I wanted to ask you this new Spiderman movie is called Spiderman far from home that red and black suit is my favourite. Can you put that suit for free

  10. Looks like they started on this before Andrew Garfield got shit canned… Spidey looks like his CGI brother..

  11. I wonder how Bryan Intihar and the Insomniac team who are fans feel about Spider-Man One More Day?

  12. They killed it
    We don't deserve you
    Thank you Insomniac
    Keep cranking these games
    But take your time
    Love you
    Merry Christmas

  13. This is what you get for giving an IP to people who actual respect the IP.

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